The Cleaning Lady

What happens when a young girl is force to clean house in order to survive after her parents left her in a terrible time. The new house she cleans will she fine love or hate?


3. Meeting them

 Kiana's prov.

   When she left I should have ask her where the things where so I use some sense and decided to look in the fridge and right when I open it guess what came out. Apples and oranges and a lot of them. Well I think they like there fruit I said thinking to myself. I should probably get to work maybe 2 apples and 2 oranges can do right? Let's just hope I don't mess it up. 

 Liam's prov.

" Thank you everyone It has been an amazing tour thank you so much for your support but sadly it is time to leave we love you so much bye " I said with a wave good-bye. We just got done with the Take Me Home Tour or TMHT for short. We ended in London ( I know that's not where it ended but let just pretend it did ) and we are finally going back to our house that me and the lads bought so we can all hang out and hid from the paps. I was about to tell the lads to hurry up but my phone went off from the head cleaner lady

 -Head Maid

hey we got a new girl and she is cooking some potatoes after she gets done cutting the oranges and apple so hurry up will ya?


 Okay of course we will be right there " Lads hurry up we have to head home we have a new maid and she is making dinner let's go  "with my hand open to the car. Of course Niall is the first one in the car he is always hungry. 

* 30 mins later *

We finally arrived at the house and it smells like something is cooking and singing? All of the lads decided to go in the kitchen and see what's going on.

Kiana's prov

I was almost done with cutting the fruit so I decided to turn on One Direction new album Midnight Memory ( BTW it's is such an amazing album ) and just start jamming out to it and singing. You and I came on while I was waiting for the potatoes to warm up I decided to sing along. While I was watching the potatoes cook I realized that it needed onions right when I was turning around and the high part came on I didn't think anyone was in here intill I look up and just stood in shock for a moment. One direction was standing right in front of me!! I'm screaming on the inside, but on the outside I was being cool and not freaking out witch was weird. " H...h...hi, I'm Kiana how are you guys " as I walk to open the fridge. Then the one with blonde hair and blue eyes said " We are doing amazing now, I'm Niall that's Liam, Harry, Louis, and over there is Zayn " he said with a beautiful smile at the end, I couldn't here the first part because he said it so quick and quite but everyone else did " By any chance were you guys in here when I was singing? " I ask and in my luck they all said yes " It's pretty bad r...... Crap the potatoes! " I went straight over to them and yup just as i thought they where burnt. " I am so sorry you guys I will fix it " but before I could do anything Harry came up to me grab my arm and said " It's fine we will get take out you want some " I didn't know what to reply I didn't want to intrude but I didn't have any food in my street house. Then I realize I live here now and all I had to wear was this, maybe I should go get some clothes first " Ummm No thanks I have to go and get some....uhhh...clothes I didn't really bring any with me " I said then Liam said " I can drive you to your place and get your clothes if you w.. " " No, I mean no it's fine I can walk " with that being said I just walk out went to my street house got everything I had witch wasn't much just an blanket, a phone I had before I was in the streets that is complete dead with no charger I didn't think that through when I left from my parents Which I Hate To Think About let's just hope they don't ask, but I had no clothes to wear so I just hope they don't ask.

-----------Author Note -------------------

Please tell me if you thinks it good or not or if I should Continued 

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