The Cleaning Lady

What happens when a young girl is force to clean house in order to survive after her parents left her in a terrible time. The new house she cleans will she fine love or hate?


2. How I got the job

Kiana's prov

" Hey back-off that's my area your in, go fine your own " you always have to be ready to protect your place on the streets of London especially in Doncaster, and trust me I do it well. I wasn't completely poor put I wasn't rich enough to afford a house so I had to live in the streets. My way of getting money was buy cleaning peoples house kind of like a maid. It may not sound like a good living but hey i'm still here so I don't mine. Today I was walking down the street wondering if people need a maid for a day. One lady in her late 50 was carry a lot of grocery into ask so I had to ask to see if she needed help. " Hi mam would you like some help with those grocery? " she look kind of shock at first but then said " Why yes thank you " she said in a very polite manner. She told me where to put the grocery and thank me. " If you need any help I will be glad to help around and be a kind of maid " she thought about it for a second and said " You know what it would be nice and just to ask do you have any job " I was so glad when she ask this might be somewhere where I can stay and work " No I don't have a job I just go ask and see if anyone needs help " " Well if you don't mine would you like to stay here and help me around here 5 guys are a lot of work " " I would love to thank you so much " I said in complete excitement. " Well let's not waste time and lets get start can you cook? " " Yes I can I can make some mean potatoes " I said full of joy " Great you can cook dinner beware one of them eats a lot and one wants some apple and oranges can you cut them " " Why yes of course I can I will cut the apple and oranges first then cook okay? " I said trying to kept my cool. " That's works just fine just yell when your done "

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