Changes deep inside

a story about my life (real story). see what I lived.


3. reality strikes

29th of August 2005 :

here I was, standing next to my family, waiting for the police to close my cousin's coffin. It's the last time we can see him, so I enter the room, and when I see him, I'm horrified... his skin is an horrible shade of yellow and they shaved his hair. I can't move, I'm petrified, I can't go to see this person, it's not my cousin, it's impossible, they're lying to me.

I get out of the room and took care of my little cousins Sheridan and Angel. My cousin Angel (10 years old at that time) came to me and told me:

"Virginie, Patrice won't come back home?"

I kneeled to his level and watch him in the eyes, these blue eyes that his brother had

"No Angel he won't!"

"he's dead hm Virginie?"

I took a deep breath then:

"Yes he is Angel!"

he looked at me deep in the eyes, his eyes that hadn't cried yet for his brother's death and said

"I want to see him!"

After half an hour of harassing me I went to my mother and my grandmother who told me to do what he asked only if he stays in my arms.

I got back outside and took Angel in my arms, I entered the room and went near my cousin. Angel put a teddy bear on his heart then kissed his forehead. I was crying when Angel turned back to me, his eyes shining with the first tears he had since his brother's death.

At that moment I promised my cousin that there won't be any other kid who will cry for their brother!

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