Changes deep inside

a story about my life (real story). see what I lived.


2. learning the worst news ever

24th of August 2005, 10 A.M :

Today, my parents authorized me to go to the beach alone. And I met a boy, a cute boy, we've got a date tonight and my parents let me go.

The next day...

I've got another date this afternoon, and I'm happy. but at noon, my mood fell. we were eating with my parents when my mom's phone rang, she was stressed my grand mother started to talk and my mom started crying, my dad took the phone and I hugged my mother. then my father ended the call and told all of us what we feared : my cousin died today at noon.

My parents let me go to my date hoping it would lift my mood. On my way there I was considering a way of ending my sorrow. Maybe jumping in the water and never coming back up... then I saw my boyfriend and he cheered me up a little. That night I even gave him my most valuable treasure, my first time. Life was stronger.


I was now crying heavily on my bed. I took a deep breath and thought about this last time I saw my cousin.

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