California Paradise

Lilly Fall has just moved from Maryland to Huntington Beach, California. She misses her friends, surfing at Assateague, and the general east coast vibe. But then she meets Keaton, Wes and Drew.


2. Friends by the Fire

As I approached the fire, I could tell that the guy were having some trouble geting it to catch. "Do you need some help?" I asked, trying to be friendly, but also causing the oldest of the three guyd to jump, putting out the fire alltogetherl. I rolled my eyes. "Can I see the matches, please?" the guy, who looked strangely familiar, obediently handed them over. "Are you the girl who just moved in?" One of the other guys asked. "Yea. From Maryland, near Washington D.C. I surfed Assateague before this, and campfires were a huge part of that!" 

I had rearranged the wood into a pyramid, filled with old newspaper, and lit the paper. The paper would flare, causing the wood balanced around it to catch and fall into a perfect pile. This happened, and one of the guys whistled. "Maryland girl knows her stuff!" I slightly blushed, realising who they were. "You're Emblem 3, aren't you? I rooted for you all through the X factor. I earned you chocolate at the Patriot center, Wes!" They laughed, and Keaton pouted. "I wanted a Snickers." he mumbled. "I'll buy you one. Fair? I poked the fire with a stick, and drew in the air with the smoke. "Whoa, Maryland! Be careful with that!" Drew cautioned.

I rolled my eyes again. "I was a girl scout through last year, tenth grade. I realise that's extremely nerdy, but where would we be now if I wasn't one?" They giggled, and Wes piped up, "You're the same age as Keaton, Maryland. Please tell us your name, now." I laughed, "Lilly." 

"A pretty name for a pretty girl." Wes said. I giggled. "Wamma mubb?" Drew mumbled around a mouthfull of marshmallow, graham crackers, and Hershey's chocolate. "What? Swallow your food first, nasty child." He swallwed. "Watch who you're calling "child". How old are you, fifteen?"

I nodded. "I turn sixteen in October." Wes waggled his eybrows. "Not that far of from lovely little Keats over here." Keaton slapped at Wes's arm. "Have a s'more." he said, obciously trying to change the subject. "I nodded and turned my half burnt stick aroun and stabbed two marshmallows.

I finished making a double decker s'more (which is one of God's gifts to man) and took a huge bite. As I swallowed, I felt for my phone in the sand near my foot. It wasn't there. 

"Hey, who has my phone?" I said, slightly suspicious. Keaton raised his hand. "Don't worry. I'm just putting in all of our numbers." I began freaking out a little. "Whoa.. That's like... I usually don't have friends..." He burst into laughter and tossed my phone into my lap, just as I heard my mom calling me from our porch. 

"Bye, guys! Wanna surf tomorrow?" I asked, brushing sand off of my butt as I stood. "Sure. Just text us!" Drew said, and they all waved. "Bye, LIlly!" Keaton said, as I skipped back to my house. Today had been perfect.

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