Through the Dark

When 20 year old Hanna wakes up in the hospital not remembering anything about her past, and nothing waiting for her except a blonde Irish boy telling her who she is, she'll take the risk of getting to know who she was, who he is, and maybe taking the biggest risk of all, falling for him. Inspired by, the vow~


2. Chapter 2- Best Friend

Niall's POV

Doctor? I'm not her doctor, I'm her fiancé, we live together, we have an apartment, we have a dog, we share a bed, we love each other, I need her, and she needed me.

I'm not her doctor.

The doctor walked over to her, and sat on her bed side. He placed a hand on one of hers, and she pulled away, a reflex she's had since Iv known her.

"No, mrs. Perez, this is Niall, your friend..."

She looked horrified in my direction "No he's not, Iv never seen him."

It was getting hard to control my emotions. I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I didn't know what I wanted to do.

The doctor sighed, "your going home with him, okay? And in a few days you'll came back to see how your head is doing"

"I'm not going anywhere until I talk with my mom!" She looked confused, scared, scared of me.

After Hanna got to talk to her mother on the phone, she agreed to come home with me.

She got up from her bed and stood in front of me, looking small and vulnerable. She looked like she lost herself and it killed me that I couldn't help.

In the car she switched the radio station continuously. She finally settled on one and listened contently.

At least she still liked the same music.

"So..." Her voice was small. "What's your name again?"

The question made me want to cry. "Niall Horan"

She sighed, "so what were you to me? Before everything happened?"

Your fiancé, I'm your fiancé, I wanted to say it so badly but the words wouldn't come out.

What if she's different now? What if she didn't love me anymore? What if she feels like she has to marry me? All I want is for her to be happy, and there's always a possibility that I can't make her happy anymore.

"I'm your best friend" I lied.

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