Their Little Sister (One Direction)

Brooklyn Reynolds has been with Angela Verella since she was seven years old.
What happens when Brooklyn has to live with the one and only Simon Cowell?
Will she get along with the boys of One Direction or will she do her own thing?
Find out in Their Little Sister!


1. The Letter

*Brooklyn's POV*
"Brook can you come her for a sec?" Angela calls from downstairs.
 I trample down the old staircase and I enter the kitchen.
"What's wrong Angie?" I ask not expecting anything really wrong. She probably just needs me to help cooking.
"Brook you remember when I told I had a present for you on your fourteenth birthday?" She asks in a serious tone. I nod understanding what she asked and she continues.
"Well I think it would be best if you opened it now. It's in your room under the broken lamp. It may take some time for you to understand the note, but trust me it's all for your own good." I nod again and I head back up to my room. I look exactly where Angie says to look and I find it.
 I open it and I can see it's a little aged from being in that cramped space for all these years. I can smell my moms perfume. I her sweet smelling scent. I look down and I notice her tiny handwriting that I haven't seen in years. I run my hand across it feel every letter on the worn piece of paper and I start to read it.
Dear Brooklyn,
If you're reading this it means that your father and I are no longer with you. I wish your dad and I could be there to see you grow up into the beautiful young lady I know you will be. You should thank Angie for taking care you for all these years. I want you tell tell her that I love her and I miss her dearly. I need you to understamd this part so read it carefully. There is a man named Simon Cowell, your father and I knew him for a very long time and we made an agreement,when times start getting rough, that he would take care of you. We've left you with Angela for so long that we think it would be nice for you and Angie to have a somewhat normal life. By the time you have read this Angie should have already called him and he should be on his way. I really want you to know that I love and I'm sorry me and daddy left so soon, remember whenever you need us we'll be with you in your heart.
Mommy and Daddy
 I sat here with tears streaming down my face. I just realized how much I really missed them being here. I'm not able to have "mother daughter" talks, or not able to "daddy's little angel" anymore. I wipe my face and I make a promise. A promise to never show that I am weak again. I have to show my parents that I'm not going to let them down.
 I pack every thing I own and I go back down stairs. I meet Angela back in the kitchen and she tells me that Simon would be here in a few hours. I tell her about the letter and I let her read it.
"Brook are you okay?" she asks.
Am I okay?
I really don't know, because I feel okay, but I know I'm really hurting.
"Yeah, I'm fine. Just a little overwhelmed that's all." I tell her. I usually tell Angie when something's wrong,but this is a problem I have
 to fix on my own.
"Madame? Five young men are here to see you, they say they are friends of Simon. Should I let him up?" the lobby man,James, asks through the intercom.
"I was expecting him later, but now will do." Angela says looking at me.
 A few seconds later we hear a loud bang at the door and some laughter. Angie goes to unlock the door while I stand in the family room waiting for our guests to come in. I hear talking and Angela's laugh, and she comes in with five other boys behind her. They all stop the fuss and we all stare at each other, an awkward silence falling upon us.
"Brooklyn these are Mr. Cowell's clients. They are here to take you to your new home." Angela explains.
"If this Mr. Cowell guy is my legal gaurdian now, then why didn't he come and get me on his own?" I ask annoyed. I hope I don't seem rude, but I just think Angela and I should be able to have a conversation with him, because if I'm going to be living with this man for the rest of my teenage life I want to get a first impression before I'm stuck with him.
 I expect Angela to answer, but a boy, who is quite attractive, with a short brown quiff and dark brown eyes answers.
"Mr. Cowell couldn't come today, because he had to go to a very important conference and had to go out of the country. He should be back in about two weeks. So in the meantime you'll be staying with us five." He says while pointing at the four boys surrounding him.
"Brooklyn go get packed while the boys and I talk." Angela tells me.
 I slowly trudge upstairs taking in every moment while I'm still here. I step into my room and drop onto my bed, waiting until I leave the place I've called home for so many years.
 (Brook's outfit is at the top!)

Hai guise!
 This is my second fanfiction out now and I'm feeling really good about it. I got this idea around midnight and I'd thought I'd write it down :D

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