Charlotte (1D FanFic)


"You have such a lovely family."
They said.

"Your life is really close to perfect. Maybe even perfect"
They said.

"Wow. I wish my parents are like yours."
They said.

But guess what?!
All these so called 'compliment' they tell me are bullshit. A shitload of them.
My life is anything but perfect.
Yeah, yeah..... I get it, My parents are rich and I have everything I want.
Except one. Okay, maybe two.
And that is to have an above average life, living in a cozy medium-sized home with lots of siblings that care for me.
AND most of all, to have a childhood.
Yeah, pathetic right?
No childhood......
No true friends that want you for you.......
I thought that if I ran away, all of these bullshit would just go down the dumpster.
I guess I was right.
Everything did change.
But after a shitload of stuff I never would expect.
Never in a million years.


4. Two

Harry's P.O.V

"Yay!" I cheered after I heard mum say that we were going to Burger King to celebrate.

Why? I just finished my last term exam, that's why.

Since it was such a good day today, we decided to walk to Burger King. It wasn't far from our house, maybe about two or three blocks from our house.

"Shall we go?" Mum asked me as she grabbed her and my coat from the rack behind the door and handed me mine. It can get a kinda chilly here at night.

After mum closed the front door behind her and checking to see if it's locked, we started our walk to dinner. We walked down the sidewalk, side-by-side, occasionally smiling and greeting the people that pass-by us.

One particular girl caught my eye though. Black skinny jeans, a black Rolling Stones t-shirt and a pair of black combat boots. Although her whole attire is black, she doesn't look gothic.

At all.

I don't know what about her caught my eye, though. No, it wasn't her beauty. No, it wasn't her clothes either. Maybe it was the something that screams out 'mysterious' from her. I was positive she wasn't from my school nor does she live on my street.

We didn't exactly pass-by each other. Well, me and mum did, not her. She was standing under a tree on the phone and judging by the look on her face, it wasn't good.

We continued our walk in silence, just enjoying the weather and admiring our surrounding. To be honest, I liked this silence. Very much. And that's something big coming from me. You see, I absolutely and completely hate silences with a pure burning passion.

hate. Hate. HATE. H-A-T-E, hate,

You get me? Yeah, I'm not fond of silences at all, especially in cars.

If it's a car silence, as I like to call it, you would find me sound asleep in the seat before you could say Jack Reacher.

"Come on, Haz." Mom called as she held the door open, ushering me to enter the small eatery.

There wasn't that many people in the shop. To be precise, a family of five eating in the middle of Burger King and two people ; which I assumed was having a date, in the left corner of the small eatery.

We proceeded to the counter to order our food. I ordered a Whooper and mum ordered a Swiss Mushroom Burger. Mum paid, me thanking her and we sauntered over to a table that was at the right side of the shop.

We ate and chatted, talking about school, family and basically everything. Mum was like my best friend, I could tell her anything and she would tell me if it was right or wrong. Slowly, the people departed, leaving me and mum the only people left.

When I took my last bite of Whooper, which was delicious, may I add, the bells above the door chimed, indicating the presence of someone or some people. I turned my head towards the door just to take a glance at the new customer, and to my surprise, it's the girl I saw a while ago.

"Har, you done?" mum asked, wiping her mouth with a piece of serviette.

"Yeah. Let's go." I answered as we stood up and made our way to the door and out, leaving the girl alone in the eatery.

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