Charlotte (1D FanFic)


"You have such a lovely family."
They said.

"Your life is really close to perfect. Maybe even perfect"
They said.

"Wow. I wish my parents are like yours."
They said.

But guess what?!
All these so called 'compliment' they tell me are bullshit. A shitload of them.
My life is anything but perfect.
Yeah, yeah..... I get it, My parents are rich and I have everything I want.
Except one. Okay, maybe two.
And that is to have an above average life, living in a cozy medium-sized home with lots of siblings that care for me.
AND most of all, to have a childhood.
Yeah, pathetic right?
No childhood......
No true friends that want you for you.......
I thought that if I ran away, all of these bullshit would just go down the dumpster.
I guess I was right.
Everything did change.
But after a shitload of stuff I never would expect.
Never in a million years.


1. Before Reading

Hello. So this is my first story here on Movellas. I also posted this story on Wattpad so yeah.....


Copyright. All rights reserved.

Original by OreoButtFace aka Lisa Leong


Some stuff I need to inform you:-

1.Please don't copy. I've spent so much time thinking of what to write to surprise you guys. I truly hope you guys don't copy my plot.

2. Almost all the things that happen in this story are not true.

3. A dedication goes to a commenter in every chapter. It has to be one that catches my eyes.

4. I know I suck at writing this kinda shizzzzzz:) I'm sorry for hurting your eyes.......


-Lisa xx

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