Through The Dark

Harry Styles, the typical bad boy, the usual culprit and the regular offender, is Clarity Harper’s best friend; and she wouldn't have it any other way. She watched him grow from an innocent little boy to the tattooed, pierced, womanizer he is today, but maybe it’s time to tame him. However; Clarity underestimates how hard this could be and they find themselves falling, and possibly breaking. But in the end, will they find their way Through The Dark, or will Clarity herself be the one that needs saving?


5. Chapter 5 - Going to hell

Clarity’s P.O.V

I moan loudly as I wake up to the sound of my own head pounding, I open my eyes squinting before rubbing them with my fists. I look over at my window, a small gap in the curtains shining a small ray of light into the room. I stretch my arms and legs out realising I’m only in my bra and undies. I turn to see Harry, lying on his bare chest next to me, closely, our legs intertwined; a smile plays on his lips as he opens his bright green eyes.

I stare at him confused, before rubbing my eyes again to test he is actually there, his gaze dropping from my face down to my exposed chest. I pull the light white sheet up to my neck feeling slightly self-conscious. I bring my legs away from his, wrapping them around the blanket also.

“Okay” I say letting out a breath I didn’t realise I was holding, “Nothing happened right?” I pull away before he can answer, lifting my body into a sitting position, suddenly regretting the fast motion as I get up with the sheet attached loosely to my body running to the bathroom.

“Hangover” Harry chuckles leaning on the door frame with a smirk “Story of my life love” he adds. Shirtless he stands; I let my eyes gaze over his defined, tattooed chest and bare arms, his prominent V line exposed, as his black jeans hang loosely on his hips exposing the Calvin Klein band. “Babe, my face is here” I glance back up toward his face where his finger points, I roll my eyes leaning into the toilet bowl spewing my guts out again.

Harry crouches down next to me rubbing my back and holding the hair out of my face, I grab a towel from just above me pulling it down and wiping my face, manoeuvring my body so I’m lying down on the cold tiles. The sheets pressed against my skin, Harry sits just over me his legs pressed against his chest.

“Nothing happened, relax” he says smirking quoting the word ‘happened’ with his fingers.

I nod, “The last thing I remember was kis-“

“Kissing Liam, yeah?” This time his gaze shifts from me with an irritation in his voice I can’t quite pinpoint, I rise slowly so I don’t get sick again and sit in a crossed leg position. “How about that” he mutters glaring at me.

“It was just a kiss Harry; I was drunk, I’m sure Liam doesn’t even remember”

“A lot more than a kiss when I found you, and trust me Liam wouldn’t want to forget”

“Found me?” I ask in confusion “Harry I barely remember anything from last night”

“Obviously” he laughs regaining a smile, which fades. “Liam wasn’t drunk” he looks away, “He barely had a drink”, roughling his brown curls Harry returns his gaze at me. “I saw you walk into the party with Laine, you were smashed by the time I saw you next, and you were just off your face completely, so I kept an eye on you”. He stares at me with his piercing green eyes, which I’ve grown to know so well over these years, those eyes, that, without a doubt have persuaded me to do so much, that have lead me astray and back, the ones that have saved me more times than I care to admit, and there just eyes.

“How did I end up here, with you?” I ask, trying to remember anything from last night that could help, but just flashes of noise and lights fill my head, along with the image of briefly kissing Liam in a pool?

“You ran up to Liam and started grinding on him” he says chuckling, but his body language telling me he finds this far from amusing.

“Oh god” I say covering my face with my hands shaking my head.

“After a while, you were pulling him away, I looked for you but I couldn’t find you”

“I saw you with Olivia!” I yell as if it was something important, “I went there for Kobe, but I don’t even remember seeing him”

“I found you, eventually, and brought you home” Harry nods, standing up swiftly, holding out a hand for me to grab, which I take securing the sheet around my body loosely with my other hand. One strong motion, Harry pulls me up and against his warm bare chest.

I look up at him, and my mind is suddenly clouded with images of this, but instead with Liam but push them out because Liam is the last person I want to think about at this moment.

“You need a shower” he says grinning, running a few fingers across my cheek, then down my neck and collar bone reaching the edge of the sheet I hold nervously in my hand. And it was as if for that moment, everything fell silent and dark, the walls enclosing us, and everything becoming a blur of colour which fades into nothing, it was Harry and only Harry who again for this moment is all I want. And with that he smiles, a smile I’ve seen so many times, and pulls away stepping back, with such a brief, swift movement, that feels as though an invisible line has been cut, and the ends left to dangle helplessly, except I was the only helpless piece of this distorted puzzle, forever waiting to be placed. Still, so full of lust for a boy who stands no more than a few inches away, but he’s so out of reach, and it was moments like these I never quite had time to grasp.

“Harry-” I just manage to let out, before his finger is placed on my lip, and I stop.

“Clarity” he takes the step that fills the gap between us again, the only sound clear is the inhaling and exhaling of our breaths, “I shouldn’t do this” he says, in a dull whisper, as slides a piece of hair from my face and tugs it behind my ear.

“What are you doing?” I ask, intertwining my hand in his free one.

“I’m going to hell” he spits, but without hesitation his hand slides around my neck pulling me closer, our lips brushing, I let go of the sheet, wrapping my hands around his neck pulling him closer, my mouth parting to allow him entrance as our tongues move around in sync. Harry moans loudly as I tug on his bottom lip lightly, his hands fumbling around my sides, before quickly pushing me up against the closed bathroom door roughly, finally he slides his hands under my thighs and I jump, not breaking the kiss before wrapping my legs tightly around his waist. I roll my head back as his lips leave mine making their way down my jawbone, I moan and roll my hips against him while he kisses my neck

Harry’s hand blindly feels around the door behind me for the nob, not breaking the intense kiss we’re engulfed in. Suddenly the door falls away, and I tighten my grip on Harry’s bare back, leaving red marks as he moans. We stumble onto the ground, but he softens the landing by not falling directly onto of me, he laughs, trying to regain his breath, his arms hold him up over my head. I look up at him for a moment, but suddenly not thinking of him, I think of Kobe and the fact that things aren’t completely finished between us and Liam where things may not be finished to him and now Harry, who reads my expression so clearly, rolling to my side and sighing loudly.

I lay on the hard carpeted floor, staring up at the plain white roof while Harry instead turns to his stomach, his gaze set firmly on my exposed body. His elbows, which prop him up are line with my hips, as I lift my head up staring at him for just a second. His fingers lightly pull down the side of my undies to just below my hip bone revealing writing.

“You have a tattoo?” he asks in shock running his fingers over the small words “Through the dark” he reads, trailing his hand across my stomach making me shiver.

“Always” I say smiling up at the roof. “Through the dark.”

And with that, we lay silently next to each other, not moving, not talking, just thinking and trying to discreetly decipher what that kiss meant to each other, well I am.

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