Through The Dark

Harry Styles, the typical bad boy, the usual culprit and the regular offender, is Clarity Harper’s best friend; and she wouldn't have it any other way. She watched him grow from an innocent little boy to the tattooed, pierced, womanizer he is today, but maybe it’s time to tame him. However; Clarity underestimates how hard this could be and they find themselves falling, and possibly breaking. But in the end, will they find their way Through The Dark, or will Clarity herself be the one that needs saving?


3. Chapter 3 - Guilty

Harry's P.O.V.

“Louis,” I say roughly into the phone, looking as I cross the street away from Clarity’s house.

“Yeah, Harry what’s up? Where are you?”

“I just left Clarity’s, can you pick me up and bring me back to school?”

“You want to come back to school?” he chuckles into the phone, “That’s a first.”

“No, I left my motorbike and I need to get something off Zayn anyway…” I say, trailing off.

“Get what?” he asks. I hear a light voice talking in the background, probably Eleanor. Louis is the only one in the group to actually keep a girlfriend, who without a doubt takes up most of his time.

“Nothing just pick me up.”

“Fine.” he mumbles into the phone before hanging up.

My phone vibrates and I open up the message, already knowing who it’s from.

Unknown ID

Meet me at the spot in 20 mins                                                                                                         Don’t be early don’t be late                                                                                                           

Don’t bring anyone, only what we need.

I slip my phone back into my pocket, and wait anxiously for Louis. Looking at my bandaged hand I smile, Don’t do this again to soon, okay?, her words linger in my mind, but I push them aside for now and slowly unravel the white material, rolling it up and shoving it in my pocket whilst examining the cuts and bruises. But I wasn't finished, not even close when Niall pulled me away, I caught a glace of Clarity and her face, gosh her face was the same as it always is, and she pulled me away, as she always does. She saves me, and we have out moment, but then it’s back to reality. She goes her way and I go mine, and we act like it never happened even though I know it’s all she thinks about while I let her believe it hasn't crossed my mind. It drives her crazy, but that’s how we are and we can’t be anything else.

I see Lou’s car driving slowly up the street, blasting music loudly. I roll my eyes and slip in the passenger side. “You've got to be kidding me” I say shaking my head and looking out the window a faint smile on my lips, but hiding it.

“It’s my jam, so please,” he says, tapping the steering wheel to the beat of ‘The Lazy Song’.

“Your jam? Damn Eleanor…” I sneer, glaring at Louis who is smiling.

“I can’t believe you’re actually going,” Louis turns his head, toward me with his expression holding all seriousness as he turns the music down to a low hum. “Zayn told me.” he adds turning into the schools car-park, stopping next to my bike which Zayn is casually leaning on.

“He tells you everything.” I mumble, opening the door.

“Because he knows I’ll have to fish you out of trouble.” he shakes his head, stepping out and slamming the door. He walks around to the other side of the car to face Zayn and I. “Why are you making him go?” he directs the question at Zayn who looks up, lifting an eyebrow.

“It was my idea," I turn to look at Zayn who seems unfazed by anything as the smoke clouds rise into the air. “He said to go alone, so give it.” I add, looking over my shoulder with a scowl at Louis who leans on the boot of his car crossing his arms over his chest.

Zayn passes me 2 small bags full of white powder; I grab it out of his hand discreetly shoving it into my back pocket. “The other one is in my wallet” I add.


Clarity’s P.O.V.

I grab my phone from the kitchen counter and dial mums number, who picks up straight away.

“Hi honey, what’s up?” She asks casually as ever, “Are you at school or lounging around at home?” she lightly laughs into the phone.

“Not exactly lounging around, just Harry getting into usual trouble…but yeah do you want me to get anything at the store? I don’t feel like going back.”

“Oh no it’s fine, I’ll get some stuff tomorrow," There is a pause. "Is Harry okay? Do I need to come home?” her voice immediately becomes serious.

“No, he’s fine, he just left”. I say, jumping up onto the counter, kicking the cupboards below.

“Let me know if anything happens with him." She sighs, "anyway, be good, I’ll see you this afternoon, love you.” she adds and I smile, the beeping in my ear telling me has she hung up.

My mum was Harry’s mum’s best friend, hence why we grew up together. Harry's mother died when he was 7 and he lived with us for a few years while his dad went on drinking spree’s and all that. At the time, Harry never cried. I've never actually seen him cry, but then again I don’t think I ever will, not that seeing him cry is something I want?

I jump off the bench, walking down the hallway into my room. I look over at the messy bed where Harry had laid and I smile. The moments gone, stop thinking about it. I shake my head, looking over at my night stand where Harry’s wallet sits. Urgh. I walk over and pick it up, not usually a noisy person, but I still find myself opening it up, realising I've never actually gone through any of his things ever, and I suddenly feel guilty for even having the thought. I look into it, sifting through the pockets, noticing an old photo of us and find myself smiling ridiculously, but that smile fading as quick as it spread as I lift a little bag full of white powder. Oh great .Is my first thought, but suddenly anger fills me as I throw the bag onto my bed and rummage through my draws furiously for a pair of denim jeans and an old jumper.

“I don’t do drugs Clarity.” The words echo in my head, but I mute them out.

I grab his wallet shoving the small bag back into it and slide my phone into my pocket. Keys keys keys. I think, Bench. I run out into the kitchen and see the keys, grabbing them then sliding on my black ballet flats and leaving the house.

I call Harry's phone but it goes straight to voice-mail. I desperately try Zayn’s cell but it does the same and I don’t bother with the others. I sit in my car for a minute and lean my head back, what are you even doing? I ask myself and sift through my thoughts for an answer, before hearing the rumble of Harry’s bike in my driveway.

“Great”. I mumble to myself, “I didn't even get an answer”.

I slip out of the car and Harry’s serious face edges closer after he gets off his precious bike.

“You forgot this,” I say bluntly, throwing the black wallet at him before turning around and heading back to the front door. He catches my wrist and I turn, shaking his hand off mine hastily.

“It’s not mine.” His emerald eyes a glowing green as he shakes his curls.

“Come here,” I say, stepping closer, I wrap my hands around his waist, ducking my hands into his front then back pockets before pulling out 2 more bags, holding them in my hand and laughing sarcastically as we look down at them.

“And I suppose these aren't either?” I shake my head, “Fuck Harry, double the rebel you usually are today aren't you?” I sneer, “Here, have fun” I slam then into his chest and walk back toward the door.

He trails behind me, then he appears in front of me, reaching the door before I do, blocking me. The bastard. “For fucks sakes will you listen?” he yells, slamming his hands against the door, and then dragging them down his face.

“You’re an idiot if you go Harry.” I shake my head, turning to look at him.

He leans away, turning, slipping his hands into his pockets as if I never said a word, “I’ll go if I want Clarity, you’re not my mother, stop trying to be her.” he sneers shaking his head, turning back to his bike.

I watch him mount the bike, with me sitting there, waiting for him to get off and come back. But instead he kicks the bike to a roaring start and speeds off.


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