Through The Dark

Harry Styles, the typical bad boy, the usual culprit and the regular offender, is Clarity Harper’s best friend; and she wouldn't have it any other way. She watched him grow from an innocent little boy to the tattooed, pierced, womanizer he is today, but maybe it’s time to tame him. However; Clarity underestimates how hard this could be and they find themselves falling, and possibly breaking. But in the end, will they find their way Through The Dark, or will Clarity herself be the one that needs saving?


2. Chapter 2 - Let him go

Chapter 2 

Clarity’s P.O.V

Without a second thought I run toward Harry, but a force pulls me back by my waist, I turn to see Niall holding me pulling me back into the crowd. “Let him go” he whispers in my ear as I struggle out of his grasp.

“Niall let me go” I plead as I see Harry wipes the blood away from his lip, then as if he was the strongest force, punches Jace then slamming his back into the locker,  Jace sliding down the metal surface, looks up at Harry, a black eye, and bloody. A smirk rises on Harry’s face as he crouches low lifting Jace up by his collar and slamming him continuously into the locker.

“Shit” Niall lets go of my grasp, “Stay here” he points at me and rushes in.

Harry’s face at this moment is one I’ve seen to many times to count, he won’t stop, not unless the guys pretty much dead.

Niall pulls him back, leaving Jace leaning on the locker. Harry pulls from Nialls grasp, and punches the locker just next to Jace’s head, a blow that could have been fatal. Leaving a large indent into the locker he shakes his hand out, glancing around the crowd, our eyes meet and I run towards him on instinct.

I grab his hand and pull him through the crowd, without a word he trials behind me. We head out of the hall into the courtyard. “You are so stupid” I turn back to his face, emotionless.

I head to my car, fumbling the keys in my bag without letting go of his hand, and he doesn’t let go of mine.

Harrys POV

My grasp on Clarity’s hand is tight; although it hurts I don’t care. She unlocks the car and opens the door for me as a step in, slamming it behind me.

“I’m sorry” I say looking down, “Fuck” I yell slamming my hands on her dash board, and leaning back into her chair, feeling her skin, which I let my lips slight brush across before looking up at her.

“What happened? Are you out of your mind? You have killed him if Ni-”

“Niall hadn’t of come in, I know” I say shaking my head.

“How did it start?” She asks sighing leaning her head on mine, a few strands of her blond hair falling on my face.

“He- He was being a dick” I say bluntly, turning my head slightly so my lips slightly brush her cheek.

It was normal for us, to be this close, all the time. I was never like this with anyone, not even my girlfriends. But this, this was Clarity, perfect Clarity, innocent, happy, smiley, Clarity, my bestfriend.

“Come on, let’s go home” She nods against my head before pulling away and shoving the keys that were dangling in her hand, into the ignition of the small car.

“Is your mum home?” I ask roughling my hair up, pushing my curls to the side.

“She’s working; don’t worry, you won’t have explain.” She smiles toward the windscreen.

“Olivia wants us to be ‘exclusive’” I blurt out staring at her,  she turns to meet my gaze, her eyes smiling but mouth in a straight line of anger.

“Kobe and I hooked up” She stares back at me and hits her head against the steering wheel. “We’re screwed” She adds, pulling into her driveway.

“I’m not doing it” I say, almost in reassurance to her? Which I’m not sure why.

We sit for a few minutes, not talking, but sitting. She grabs my hand examining the cuts and bruises.

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up” She smiles at me opening the door, letting herself out.


“Gosh what did you do to him?” I sit on her bed, leaning against the pillows as she dabs alcohol on the cuts. She bandages it up, placing a kiss on the top, “Don’t do this again to soon, okay?” she says laughing. “Take off your shirt” She manoeuvres her legs onto the bed in a crossed position, the box of bandages in her lap.

“You want me to take my shirt off?”

“Take it off” She says, looking unconcerned at the box of bandages, “If you don’t I will” she adds looking toward me.

“By all means” I smirk at her leaning closer, her hands wrapping around the hem of my shirt lifting it up over my head.

“Harry” Clarity gasps, leaning in closer, to lightly run her hands over the large bruises on my stomach and side.

“Its fine, your turn” I smile slightly wincing in pain.


“To take your shirt off, it’s only fair”  She laughs rolling her eyes, pulling out a bandage and sticking it only my bruise, “And what is that supposed to do?” I ask chuckling to myself.

“Mmmm, your right” She rips it off; I let out a groan in pain, leaning back into her pillows.

“You have so many tattoos now” she lightly runs her finger over a few, making me shiver.

“I know hey” I look down at myself, covered really. But it’s not like they mean nothing, well nothing much.

“And this” she shakes her head grabbing onto my lip piercing, smiling I knock my head against hers.

“You love it” I scoff, feeling her breath on my skin, she pulls away.

“How could I not” she rests a hand on my cheek and smiles, getting off the bed and walking toward her dresser.

“What are you doing?” I ask, leaning up to see.

“Getting changed” she shrugs “If we’re not going to school, I’m not wearing this”.

“You don’t have to wear anything if you like” I add teasing leaning back, staring at the ceiling.

“And to think girls fall for your cheesy lines”

“I’m only cheesy for you”

“Close your eyes” She adds throwing some short, thin pants onto her bed. Fuck.

“Why?” I add looking up see her cover her bra sliding a singlet on, scowling.

“Because” she slides off her shorts, knowing I’m watching and slips on the other ones, with a smug grin.

She jumps onto the bed next to me, lying down, “Harry?” she asks, “I don’t want you to date Olivia”. Clarity, staring up to the ceiling, turns to me rolling onto her side.

“I know” I say, turning to my side brushing a few strands of hair from her face, “I won’t, I can’t

“But you should, she likes you” she bites down on her lip, and runs hand finger across mine.

“I hate Kobe” I say and she flinches, “I wish you weren’t with him…”

Even the thought of him makes me irritated, I can’t stand him, I hate him, I hate the sight of him, and what he possibly does with Clarity; gosh don’t even get me started.

“I know, and I’m sorry” is all she says, it’s all she can ever say. And I understand that, she’s in love with him, I guess, and I’m way to protective, over someone who technically isn’t mine.

I”I should go” I say, rolling off the bed, searching for my shirt, “Thanks for yeah” I show her my bandaged hand.

“Harry” she lifts herself into a sitting position, “Harry wait” I stop and turn before opening her door and turning around, “You should stay” she smiles.

“No, I’ll call Niall” I roughle my hair up again and turning heading out the bedroom door.

“Typical” I hear her stay under her breath as she walks out of her room closing the door behind her. “I’m so sick of picking up the pieces of your broken life” She leans against the door her hands folded against her chest.

“Well stop picking up the pieces then princess” I scoff looking back at her, “You always do this you know”.

“Excuse me?” Clarity says raising her voice taking a step away from the door.

“You always help me then tell me you’re sick of helping me, you say you love but you’re so sick of loving” I look down “You’re so sick of a lot of things Clarity, but you need to work out what you’re not sick of, because people will get sick waiting” I walk towards her, as she backs up against the wall.

“You” she says, “I’m not sick of you, I’ll never be frigging sick of you”, “I’m so sorry” I take another step forward, my body pressed against hers “We will find our way” she smiles and I lean into her wrapping my hands in hers, kissing her cheek, then pulling away.

“Through the dark” I say, stepping back our hands pulling apart reluctantly.



















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