The Tattooist

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4. Boring Monday

I was walking down the main hallway when I bumped in to this really cute kid in the same grade as me with caramel eyes. My first thought was "Dangg.. He's a sexy beast" When I found out it was more than a thought, which means I blurred it out, I turned as RED as a tomato. He just awkwardly responded

-"Thank You"

-"You're welcome" I said. Lol

I just thought AWKWARD!! Which is Ironic cause I love that show haha .


I then saw my friends Maria, Tania, and Kayla. I love them so much! They ran to me and started screaming.

-"Wtf?!" I said

-"Tell us about your audition!" They all said.

-"Ohh yeahh!!! They'll call in less than a year!" I said. I had no clue I was still picturing that cute senior I bumped into. Lol

-"UHM how long is that?!" Kayla blurred.

-"I have no idea.. And you didn't tell anyone,.. Right?!" I asked.

-"Uhm.. Just a few people." Tania said.

-"A few people who?! And you didn't tell gossip Johanna right?!?!" I yelled.

-"Actually...that was the first person we told" Maria said.

-"OMFG. I told you not to!" I started to get red as a tomato.


-"Don't think you got away with it! Cause if you do.. Then you're way off!" I yelled looking backward insecure of where I was looking while they were walking the other way.

And it happend again.. I bumped into the hot Senior again! This time I said

-"Why do we keep bumping in to each other?!" I awkwardly said.

-"I don't know.. Cause you don't look forward?" He said.

He seriously caught my attention. There was not one single flaw.

I started heading to my Homeroom and well yeah that's how my Monday went I went to my first 3 classes and then it was Break.

I saw the Senior again and I was curious to know his name. So I asked my friends

-"Hey, do any of you know that totally hot Senior's name?"

-"Uhm yea.. That's Justin he's new." Maria said.

-"Ohh :D Justinnn" I said.

-"So you're not mad at us anymore?" Kayla blurred.

-"Kaylaa!!!" Both Tania and Maria said.

-"Oh, yea you're not getting off that easy!" I said.


I start to head to my other classes and soon enough.. It was lunch ..

Me and my friends kept talking and talking until he bell rang again

Time for next class until I noticed that Justin kid again. He was in my class!!! Lol he caught my attention often.

Finally a boring Monday was over and I headed home.

I heard my parents in the kitchen making dinner.

-"Helloooo!!" I yelled

-"Hola Andrea como te fue?" Meaning "Hello Andrea, How did it go?" My daddy said

-"It wasn't that bad.. I kept bumping into this new cute kid." I said

-"Ohh Senior too?" My mom asked

"Yeppp....." I awkwardly left and went to my bedroom to take a shower and get dressed.

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