Story of my life

Harry styles, aka the criminal with no face, is known for his horrified crimes in the quiet city of London. He will kill anyone that gets in his way, he doesn't care who you are as long as you have a heartbeat your dead. Mia blue ,aka the girl with no voice, is known as the girl who hasn't talked for 3 years. She gets scared easily and is constantly being teased for no voice. She has a story to tell but no one can hear her.

Mia innocently at a masquerade ball, has no choice but to simply look around. She then bumps into a certain green eyed boy who catches her attention.


10. Chapter 9

Previously on story of my life:

I was speeding down the highway flying through the cars, losing one police car at a time. They tried shooting at me, but good thing I had my gun, and good aim. One shot would make one of the cars go off, or flip.

I speeded faster and got away easily. I looked over to Mia and she looked frightened. I laughed at her, her eyes were closed shut and she had this weird face on. I kept laughing, even though I knew it was rude. I didn't care.

Chapter 9

Harry's pov:

I drove up to the spot where I burned all my victims. I had to get rid of them and no one will find them here, unless they really go deep into the forest where the field is in the middle of it.

I parked a few yards away from the bonfire and just unloaded the bodies and placed them both onto the fire. I take out my lighter and begin to light the fire. I watch it as it burns my victims, and their sprit and memories. They were gone and no one would be able to find them within these ashes of thousands of people who's lives where in my hands and yet they burned here in this field of hopelessness. I turned to Mia and she just watched as they vanished into the flames. She met my hard gaze and just lost hope in everything, she is seeing what I'm capable of and now she is terrified I can feel it, I can see it, I can feel her.

I walked closer to the car and her and she began to panic hard. I opened her side door and watch her try to get out of the black rope.

"You'll never get out."

She froze and just sat there, I looked deeply into her eyes and I felt her thoughts, I felt her intimation towards me, I felt the fear grow into deep emotion and deep thought. I grab her arm and pull her out and drag her to the fire.

"Mia you could be one of them one day. If you do everything I say, I might spare you."

I heard her gulp and I saw her eyes dilate bigger with the fear and with the deep rage she had. I knew she wanted to escape, but she couldn't under my touch. I want her under my control and under my power as long as I have her in my arms and hands. I grab her arms and pull her closer to me. I hold her and just stare deeply into her eyes as if I was looking for her soul so I could keep it to myself. She searched mine, but I closed off everything so she wouldn't be able to find anything within me.

I push her away,and watch her fall onto the ground, landing hard on her back. I sit on top of her and hold her body in my hands since she was still tied. I lean down and kiss her neck harshly and without any feeling. I feel her heartbeat against mine and it was racing, just like mine. I place one of my hands on her thighs and hold it up and scratch it to get a good grip on her. I hear her whimper, silently pleading to let go, but I won't until I get what I want, her. I bite down onto her neck and she yelps.

I pull away and straddle her waist grinding my core with hers. Her eyes spoke fear, but I knew deep down somewhere their was something else. I was about to lean down and kiss her until I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pull it out and see that it Louis calling me.


"Harry, did you get away? we heard there was a highway speed chase."

"Yeah I got away. I always do it's nothing new."

"Yeah I know, but still."

"Yeah I know. Don't worry about me I'm fine."

"You got rid of the guards already?"

"Yeah, there gone for good."

"What about Mia?"

"What about her I still have her."

"The boys and I keep wondering when you're going to use her and then throw her away."

"I'm working on her, I wanna break her."

Mia's pov:

"I'm working on her, I wanna break her."

Break me what have I ever done? I was so scared out of my mind right now. I started to see a even scarier side to Harry, I witness him burn someone, and it was two people. My thoughts roamed everywhere and then I realised that I could get away now.

I kneed Harry in the groin; he falls to the side of me and I try to get up, but I was slow;Harry got a grip on my ankle and pulled me towards him. I kick him in the face and instantly get up and runaway into the forest.

I heard Harry yell out my name, my heartbeat was racing and everything suddenly went dead silent. No foot steps were heard and nothing was making a single sound. I looked all around and saw nothing in panic. I was still tied so nothing was really going in my favour. I then hear a footstep and run in the opposite direction of it.

"Mia, come out come out wherever you are."

Harry words sent shivers down my spine, he creeped me out. I slowed down, slightly out of breath, and begin to walk slowly backward to sort of watch was behind me, but then I ran into something hard and firm. I turn around and see that it was a tree. my panic went down a bit, but my anxiety increased by the second.

I walked backward slowly and hit something. I turn around and see Harry with his devilish smirk, and he grabs me and drags me by the arm out of the forest and back to his range rover. He opens the back of it and throws me in the back. He then grabs a cloth and wraps it around my mouth tightly.

"I'm taking you for a ride." Harry said very darkly.

He slams the door closed and gets in immediately before pealing out of the field.

-30 minutes later-

Harry finally came to a stop and literally left me in the range rover alone for 10 minutes. I didn't know what was going on, but I hope he doesn't do anything horrible.

When Harry came to get me, he looked at me with no expression, and just picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and carried me to a house. It was dark, scary, and empty from what I could see. I didn't see much since I was on Harry's back.

Harry stops at something and flips me into his arms. He carries me upstairs and every step he took the stairs creaked. I looked at the place and it looked old and almost torn down. Pieces of the roof was missing, and it gave out that keep out feeling that you see in movies.

Harry makes it all the way to the top and he takes me to a room that had a bed in the middle. I widen my eyes in realisation and my heart raced faster as we neared the bed. He drops me and takes the rope off me and cuts it into pieces with his bloody pocket knife.

He comes over to me and ties me hands together also tying them to the bed. I pulled on them but it was hopeless. He uses the other piece and ties my feet to the end of the bed. I was now not able to even move a muscle. He comes onto the bed and sits on top of me.

He undos the cloth around my mouth and ties it around my eyes so I wouldn't see anything. My vision goes black and nothing was ever seen.

I then feel Harry grip the jumper I was wearing; cutting it open so he was exposed to my skin. The goosebumps spread throughout my body and then I feel a pair of lips kiss my stomach and the valley of my breast. I felt so violated from his poisonous touch. I felt his hands roam my body as he kissed me up and down, never my lips.

I then I feel Harry undo the button of my jeans and slip them off to my thighs. He kisses each of my hip bones and grabs them tightly before pulling down the hem of underclothing I was wearing.

"P-please s-s-stop."

I said quietly to the murder.

Harry's pov:

"P-please s-s-stop."

Mia said quietly, she hasn't spoken before. I looked up from what I was doing and then I saw tears spill from her eyes under the cloth. I ignored her and continue with her punishment. She had warnings, and now I had enough.

I kiss her inner right thigh and kiss on the same place on her other thigh. I inch my way closer to her core and simply kiss her gently on her core. She moved uncomfortably under my touch, but I continued to do so.

"P-p-p-p-please s-s-s-stop. I'm b-b-begging y-you."

"No can do love, I've had enough of you disobeying me. You deserve to be punished."

I hear Mia sniffle her nose from crying, but I ignored her so I could continue. She was making this hard since she was crying and softly speaking. I'm not used to that, usually girls enjoy the pleasure and don't cry.

My thoughts roamed around my mind distracting me from everything and then I suddenly felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.


"Hey Harry, it's Josh."

"Oh hey josh, why you calling."

"I have all your new amo ready and I wanted to see if you and the boys would meet me up at your place so we can talk."

"What time?"

"How about in an hour."


"See you later styles."

I hang up my phone and call Eleanor and Perrie.

"Hello." they both said at the same time.

"Hey girls can you come by the old house and watch Mia for me. I have some business to do."

"Why would we do that?"

"Because I can kill you with the twist of your necks."

"Louis and zayn wouldn't let you dare touch us." said Perrie.

"Try me and see what happens."

I knew they both rolled their eyes, but I didn't care.

"Fine we'll be there."

"Good girls."

I hang up and slip my phone back into my pocket. I look down at Mia and see her tears fall to each side of her small face. I then take the cloth off her eyes and see Her eyes ,now red, spoke fear and that just what I wanted. I bend down once more and kiss her core. She moved uncomfortably, but I held her down. I kiss her hip bone and then each breast, just a little bit of pleasure for me.

Her eyes widen and I got off her, slipping on her pants that she had before. I opened the door and closed it. I wish people would stop calling me, it always interrupts me when I have the perfect moment to play and brake Mia.

My thoughts swarmed my mind and I just continued to do what I had to do. I made it downstairs, and left without any trouble. When I left the old building it bought back old memories from when I was a teenager.


"Harry this party is sick!"

"Thanks mate, and have you seen Emily?"

"I saw her over by the beer."

"Thanks Michael."

I went over to the beers and saw Emily.


"Hey babe, this party is great."

"It won't be that great until I get to see you, and I mean all of you."

"Well maybe we can take this upstairs and maybe this party will be great."

"That's what I'm saying."

I take Emily's hand and drag her up the stairs into the room with the biggest bed. When we reached the room I close the door and lock it so no one will be able to interrupt us.

When I turn back around I already see Emily half dressed only in her bra and underwear. I walk over to her and kiss her as hard as I could. I push her down and make out with the red headed girl underneath me. I take off her underwear and throw it to the side, I rub her in her area and she begins to moan, turning me on quicker then I expected and then I took off my pants and just point myself in her, and then slam myself. I pump myself in and out and she moans loud enough for the whole world to hear. I kiss her so she would be silent, and then I felt her grab my curls with force. I thrust one more time before pulling myself out and laying down on the side of her.

"That was amazing Harry."

"It's too bad."


"That you have to die so quickly."


And then I press my lips onto hers so she wouldn't say anything. I get on top and reach over to the bedside table and grab my pocket knife. I pull away and she looks at me frighted and then it ended. I stabbed her and she died instantly. I pulled my knife out and placed it back onto table.

She was my first kill.

-flashback over-

I would always have the craziest parties at that house, I would always end up killing someone at that party too, but no one suspected it.

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