Story of my life

Harry styles, aka the criminal with no face, is known for his horrified crimes in the quiet city of London. He will kill anyone that gets in his way, he doesn't care who you are as long as you have a heartbeat your dead. Mia blue ,aka the girl with no voice, is known as the girl who hasn't talked for 3 years. She gets scared easily and is constantly being teased for no voice. She has a story to tell but no one can hear her.

Mia innocently at a masquerade ball, has no choice but to simply look around. She then bumps into a certain green eyed boy who catches her attention.


5. Chapter 4

Previously on Story of my life:

He then places his hands on the side of my waist and rubs up and down on them, getting a feel of me. I tense up and he squeezes me at the waist a bit. He then moves his hands up to my breast but only the side of them, I couldn't take this touching, but I knew something bad would happen to me. He places some of his fingers underneath my bra on the side and rubs circles. I feel goosebumps form, but I held back. He then removes his hands and moves them to my shoulders and arms. He rubs them softly making me feel nervous by the second. He then slips off the straps of my bra and kisses the skin. He then kisses his way up to my neck and ear. He bites my ear and whispers,

"The name's Harry by the way."

Chapter 4

Harry's pov:

I patted her down and she was clean, for now anyways. I then came up with the idea of touching her to see what she would do.

I then grab her waist, rub them up and down, and then I feel her tense up a bit so I squeeze her waist a bit. I then move my hands to the side of her breasts and slip my fingers underneath the thin material and rub circles on the side of her breasts. I felt some goosebumps pop up underneath my touch, but I wasn't done yet. I move my hands to her shoulders and slowly remove her bra straps and kissing the exposed skin, up her neck and ear. I then bite her ear and whisper,

"The name's Harry by the way."

I then throw her down onto the bed and crawl over her. A surprised look appears on her face and I just give her a smirk. I then grab both of her arms and hold them with one hand above her head. i then notice a tear stream down her face.

"Love don't cry, your going to love this.And don't worry I'll go easy on you. But not

that easy."

I lean down kiss both corners of her mouth and kiss every inch of her neck and chest. Her cries are ignored by me and I just take in her scent and body. I then cup her at her left breast and work my hand down to her core.

Mia's pov:

He is going to rape me, I can't let him do this, I just can't. He was touching me and if I let him do this then he will always do this to me. So the next thing I did surprised me; I kicked him in the groin. He yelled out in pain and rolled off of me. I got up as fast as I can and ran to the nearest door that was open, which I'm guessing is his restroom. I closed the door, locked it and closed my eyes to make everything flow away.

As I was doing this, the door had a bang on it, this happened one after another and it got louder each time. I could hear him moaning, groaning, and threatening through the door. I knew this wouldn't go away, nothing was working and I was terrified.


I couldn't do it, I have never been in a situation like this before, so dangerous but yet intriguing. All these feelings flowed through me and I craved it somehow. I needed the rush, but yet I was afraid by the energy. It's been awhile since I've talked, laugh, or smiled, but I never had a reason to.

I was then caught out of my thoughts when I heard the door slam open and I saw a very pissed off Harry. He came up to me, grabbed me by the arm and dragged me back to his bed.

I was breathing really hard and I knew nothing would stop him from hurting or possibly killing me.

Once on the bed he crawled on top of me and kissed me rock hard. I just froze and I let the tears flow down. As Harry was kissing me I felt his heart beat and it was racing also but faster then mine?

I then cry more heavy and I just let it all fall, and Harry stops whatever he's doing.

"Stop crying, I hate it when girls do that."

Harry then gets up and sits away from me. I was surprised that my crying made him stop instantly, why does it make him stop so easily?

I didn't know the answer, but I was to scared to even move. Harry gets up from the bed walks into a dark closet and comes back out with a dark blue jumper in hand. He throws it to me and says,

"Put this on, and just stay here or I will burn you."

I obeyed and slipped on the warm material. Harry then leaves the room and I was left alone, frighted and very intimated. Harry's name was very familiar, and then it hit me, he's Harry Styles the criminal with no face. He's know for killing thousands of people, mostly girls, but some of them were claimed missing and no trace was left of them, it was as if they left the face of the earth. Anyway, he's also know for killing, robbing, and some rape, but no one knows what he looks like, they only know that he never leaves anything behind. No one knew what he looked like,but now I do. I was then cut out of my thoughts when I heard heavy footsteps.

"Okay, this flat is sound proof, bullet proof, and shatter proof. You can't escape if you wanted to, only I can let you free. I have every key to every door in this flat and every door is locked ether way."

I just nodded my head, and then Harry comes onto the bed crawls over to me and sits in front of me. I took in all his feathers and saw that his arms were covered in dark tattoos. On his upper stomach was a very large butterfly. It was beautiful, but oddly strange to have, for a murder. Whatever I'm not judging. Anyway, I look up and see to birds on his collar bones, sparrows I think. On his arm he has all sorts of tattoos, and they were all beautiful, especially the rose.

"Like what you see?"

I get out of my thoughts and look away. I then feel a hand grab my face and stuff what seemed to be a cloth in front of my nose and mouth. I knew were this was going so I just did what I had to do and once again fell into a dark atmosphere.

Harry's pov:

She didn't fight me this time, good girl. I let her fall onto the bed ,limp. I move her body to one side and just let her be. I still had my pants on so I decided to slip them off and throw them with my other clothes. Once they were thrown I slip under the old ragged sheets and blanket and fall into a slumber relaxing from this slightly painful day.

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