Me and Harry were together. But we just recently broke up. But what will I do when I find out I'm pregnat with his baby! I have no idea how I'm suppose to tell him!


8. The Note

After we left Harry's family's house we went back home. It was about eight already. 

"Imma head to exhausted!" I said sitting on th couch grabbing my pillow and blanket. "You arnt ganna tell me your going to sleep on the couch?" harry said surprised.

"Yeah" I said.

"Love! Your pregnat! You keep sleeping like that and you'll hurt your back" he said. "Come sleep with me" he said as he took my hand. We walked to his bed room. I jumped into the bed and pulled my covers over me. He layed down next to me in just boxers and a white t-shirt. He turne out the lights. It was cold.

I shivered a bit. "Love? Are you cold?" he asked.

"A little yeah.." I said. "Come" he said as he pulled me closer. He wrapped his arms around me. I was warm. Not only physically but in my heart.

The next morning I woke up with a smile on my face. Harry was still sound asleep.

I got up and walked to the kitchen. I got a glass of water. I went back to the bedroom to fin Harry gone. I sat on the bed. He came from out o the restroom.

"Morning" he said yawning.

"Good morning" I said.

"You want me to pick up breakfast?" he asked.

"Yeah that'll be great..I'll  make the bed" I said. He got dressed then walked out. I fixed the bed. I bumped into something and a box fell. "Oops" I Said.

I started to pick up the papers that were in the box. There was a crumpled white rose. There was a note attached to it. "Me and Angie's first date" it said. I smiled. I barely remembered how we met. There was a note. I picked it up. It said:

  Dear Angie,

     Well I was to nervous to ever say it but...I love you. I know it's a little early but I do. I was too worried you would reject me. But I do. Since the moment we met in third grade. I had and always will have the highest crush on you. I kno I'm only twelve but I feel it. It's love. Maybe one day you could be Mrs.Styles and we will have a baby together. I know your the one. So just tell me how you feel?


I looked at the date. It was when harry was in sixth grade. I remember he had a crush on me. Then the next year I moved and we never saw each other till when we got together. I never knew he had a crush on me like this. Suddenly I heard the door unlocking. I quickly threw all the papers back in the box. 

"Hey foods here love!" he said.

I walked over there. "Thanks" I said smiling.

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