Me and Harry were together. But we just recently broke up. But what will I do when I find out I'm pregnat with his baby! I have no idea how I'm suppose to tell him!


2. That Night

I remember the night perfectly. 

He took me out to dinner. He had steak and I don't really remember what I had. Afterwards he brought me to his place. Me not thinking anything of it I agreed. We had been dating for a week or two now. He put on music. I giggled as he tried to dance.

"what are you doing?" I giggled.

"Dancing duh" he laughed.

I giggled. He took my hand and waltzed with me. He spun my around. I giggled. I guess that's the moment I fell for him. Hard.

I looked into his eyes and kissed him passionately. He kissed me back. He slowly went down to my neck and kissed me there. He had me there in his arms. He took me to the bedroom.

As soon as we got there he practically ripped off his shirt. I just kicked off my shoes. He kissed me again. This time me laying on the bed. His hovering on top.

He kissed me on the neck. He pulled me up. So we were sitting up. He had his hands begin my back. He slowly began to unzip my dress.

"Harry" I whispered.

"Yeah" he could barely say still kissing my neck and unzipping.

"Are we really going to do...this?" I asked.

"Yeah" he said still kissing my neck and unzipping.

I doughted a little but then just preceded. 

So I made it easy by just pulling dress off quickly.

He smiled. I could see his dimples.

"Harold" I gasped for breath.

"Yes my love?" he stopped and looked at me.

" nothing" I said. So he proceeded.

I stuttered out his name a couple more times. But he didn't stop. 

It was more of a moan. 

Afterwards we sat in the living rooms watching movies.

I wore his t-shirt. He giggled and laughed watching tv. I felt like it was the most perfect night. I had told my parents I was staying at a friends. They actually believed me. 

Then about a week later we called quits. Me and him were done. 

"yeah" he said softly and he continued kissing my neck and unzipping.

I doughted for a second but proceeded. It was too late to turn back. I did him a favor and just pulled my dress off fast. Saving us time.

He smiled. I could see him dimples.

He slowly kissed my lips again.


"Yeah " he said. 

I doughted for a second. But I was too far. Too far to go back. So I quickly helped him out my just pulling off my dress quickly. 

He smiled. I could see his cute deep dimples.


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