Me and Harry were together. But we just recently broke up. But what will I do when I find out I'm pregnat with his baby! I have no idea how I'm suppose to tell him!


15. Sex of the baby

It's been four months sice I found out about the baby. Me and Gemma have actually become very good friends. And me and harry are pretty good. I love him a lot. I walked to the room. "Babe?" harry called for me. I got up and walks to the front door. Harry was standing there.

"Hey!" I said as I kissed him on the cheek.

"I missed you!" he smiled.

Harry was gone for about four days. In New Zeleand. Four night concert. I smiled and was just happy he was finally home. 

He kissed me passionately. "Okay babe the baby kicked!" I smiled.

"Really!" he said surprised! "Yeah!" I smiled.

"Today I'm going to go find out the sex of the baby" I smiled.

"Really!" he smiled.

"Yeah" I smiled. 

I grabbed my purse. "Let's go" I said as I took his hand. We got into the at and drove to the hospital. Then the doctor let us in. She did an altra sound. "Okay do you guys want to know the sex of the baby?" he asked. 



Me and harry both said at the same time. I looked at him funny.

"You don't want to know?" I asked.

"No don't you want it to be a surprise?" he asked. 

I looked at him like he was stupid. "No I want to know now" I said.

"I'll give you two a minute to talk about it" the doctor said as she walked out.

"Babe I don't want to know" he said.

"Harry! Why not?"


"Fine I'll just know" I said.

"I want us to know at the same time!" he said.

"Which way do u want it? Either way I'm findin out the sex of the" I said.

"fine know then.::but don't tell me" he said.

"Okay thank you" I said. The doctor came back in.

"I would like to know my boyfriend will walk out of the room" I said as I looked at harry.

He walked out. 

She smiled nd told me the sex of the baby. My eyes teared up "Really?"


I started to cry of joy.

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