Liam loses a loved one who leaves their pet pig to him. He will go out of his way to protect the baby pig because it is family...



"Grandmother? Just a little bit longer... please.", Liam said, holding him grandmother's hand in her last few minutes. "Liam," she said "when I go, I want you to take care of my pet, Jeffery. Will you do that for me?" She had helped raise him as if he were her son and he would do anything to help her, even if she isn't living anymore. "Of course." She felt colder and her heart rate began to drop with her last words, "Thank you." Her hand dropped and that was it. Liam had to hold back tears.

The next week was the funeral. He spoke and helped carry the casket. Liam was very upset at the sight of his lat grandmother. When he went home that night, there was a note on his door. He went inside to read it.

The note was from his grandmother and it read, "Jeffery is in his cage. I had your mother put him in your room. He should have a bag of food with him. Take good care of him." With tears in bis eyes, he went upstairs in his room and opened the cage. To his surprise, a baby piglet ran out and looked at him. He looked like he was smiling at him. Liam saw a collar and read the tag... Jeffery.

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