Jessica Hens is a popular girl. She is rich nad pretty. She just had a perfect life. However, Louis Tomlinson started to go into her life. He is destorying it. Jessica had always had a crush on him. When she knew he had slept with her best friend, Lauren Kirk, she was totally torn. Will she choose friendship, or love?


1. The Project

      “Jessica, wake up now or you’re gonna be late!” shouted Mum.
    I buried my head into my pillow. But then I realized that today was the first day of school. I took a glance at my alarm clock. Mum was right. I must hurry. I got out of my cozy bed and quickly got changed. Today’s the first day of school, so I wanna look gorgeous.
    I looked into my closet. How ’bout this short blue dress? I tried on it. Fabulous. I curled my hair and put on some light makeup. I decided to wear my pretty pink feather earings. Then I wore my hot pink platforms. I looked into the mirror. Perfect. I tumbled down stairs and saw my mum standing in the dining room, waiting for me.
    "Morning sweetie." She said as she kissed my cheeks.
    "Morning Mum.’' I replied.
    My dad went on a business trip and will come back a few months later. I ate my breakfast as quick as I could and left my house. I got on my vehicle, which is a marble. My dad is a brain surgery doctor so we are quite rich. I drove to school and parked my car safely in my regular place. I walked to my lockers, which is twice as big as the others.
    Just then Kathy Beckons came by, “Hey Jessica, how are you?” she said while faking a smile.
    “Fine, thank you.” I said, returning her a sweet smile. I know Kathy was just being friendly to me because I’m rich and popular. Many girls in my school did so. All they want were just popularity.
    I walked to my BFF Lauren Kirk’s locker. Her locker's size is the same as mine, which means she is quite rich too. “Hello Miss Jessica Hens, how’s your summer?”
    “It’s great. How’ bout you Mrs. Malik?” I asked in a quite sassy way.
    “Please stop it Jess!” We both knew she had a huge crush on the cute boy Zayn Malik, who had Science class with her every week. We joked each other about 15 minutes more and the school bell rang.
    “I gotta go Jess. See you at Lunch.” I nodded and headed off to have my lessons.
    My first lesson is Biology. “Alright class, get your seats,” shouted Miss Peckles. I took a seat at the front. Nobody came to sit with me. Although I’m popular, everybody knew I’m terrible at Biology and Biology is some subject that you have to group yourself with the student sit next to you finish like every project. In order to get good marks, everyone tried to sit with some book nerds.
    After a few minutes, Miss Peckles started to talk about our biology book. But just after a few pages, a really cute boy rushed in took the seat beside me.
    “Mr. Tomlinson, you’re late,” Miss Peckles said with a quite annoyed tone.
    “I’m sorry Miss Peckles. My vehicle broke down in the middle of the way,” said that Tomlinson kid.
    Miss Peckles took a glance at him and continue our lessons. “Hi. I’m Louis,” he held out his hand for a shake.
    “I’m Jessica Hens. Nice to meet ya,” I shook his hand.
    I must admit he is quite cute, with brown hair and big blue/green eyes. We exchanged our numbers.
    At the end of the lesson, Miss Peckles gave us an assignment. It’s a project and you have to do it with the one sit next to you. Which means I have to do it with Louis.
    “So, how’ bout we meet at my house after school?” I suggested.
    “Sure. Wait at the school entrance,” replied Louis.
    “Kk. See ya later,” I said, while giving him a sweet smile.

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