Louis's little sister

Skyler a girl who used to be picked on all her life finally got out of that he'll hole she calls school she hadn't seen her brother in three years and Louis thinks she looks the same but when he comes back for sky she's not the same girl he used to know. (Enjoy also if you like this book I have a few more you might like so enjoy :) )


7. The kiss


i yawned getting out of bed I looked around seeing that it wasn't my house it was my mums I saw a pile of clothes neatly folded at the end of the bed with a note ontop I walked over and grabbed the note and started reading it .hey morning we left to get some breakfast there are spare clothes under the note Louis picked them out Harry is still down stairs we won't be long love you darling-mum xoxo.

I smiled slightly shaking head I grabbed the clothes and chucked them on I walked over to the body length mirror and looked at my outfit I was wearing skinny black jeans with a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket with black combat boots wow I'm not so sure Louis picked these I think zayn did I brush out my blue hair and but on mascara and eyeliner I jog down the stairs and walk into the lounge to see a naked Harry spread out on the couch I shook my head not really caring "dude please at least put boxers on" I said flopping down on the other couch I looked at his face he slightly blushed and pulled on his boxers that were lying on the ground he sat back down we just sat in awkward silence I mentally groaned and stood up I made my way to the kitchen with Harry's eyes following me once I was in the kitchen and out of his sight I opened the fridge and saw a cream pie "why the hell does mum have a cream pie" I whispered I shrugged oh well it will help me with my prank I grabbed the pie and walked the back way into the lounge Harry and the couch he was sitting on had their back facing me I slightly smirked tip toeing up behind Harry I quickly slammed the pie into the side of his face when I took the tin off he had bits of the pastry on his face and he had cream covering his whole face I tried my hardest not to laugh he snapped his head towards me "your going to regret that " he said playfully so I jumped up and ran into the kitchen I grabbed the sink hose thingy and aimed for the entrance of the kitchen I heard Harry running towards the kitchen as soon as he reached the door I sprayed him It was kinda hot "ahh" Harry yelped jumping into the kitchen area away from the hose he was holding his chest "I think you just melted me" he said I smirked "maybe this will help " I said turning the water dial to freezing cold I sprayed Harry with it he yelped from the cold water I grinned Harry started to run towards me still only in his boxers I felt the hose being ripped out of my hands I tried getting it back but I was sprayed with freezing water "AHH" I yelled I dropped to the floor and took cover I heard the hose stop so I shot up and ran out the back where their was a giant field and a 6.5 meter deep pool I ran onto the grass I heard Harry running behind me so I pushed myself faster I went full speed I made heaps of turns on the field hopping that he would fall I was nearly back into the house when I felt myself being lifted I squealed kicking my legs around I felt myself being dropped I was about to look up when I felt myself fall into water I pushed myself back to the top to see Harry with a cheeky grin on his handsome face and yes I do have a crush on Harry I just wouldn't admit it because I think I love him I put my hand up " help me up will ya" I asked he grabbed my hand and was about to pull me up when I pulled him in he fell with a splash when he got back to the top he started walking towards me so I backed up with every step he took I felt myself getting pushed into a corner fuck I'm trapped Harry walked closer till he was right in front of me literarily he was up against my body with his nose touching mine I gulped turned on a bit "can I do something " I. nodded he leaned closer till our lips were brushing against each others I closed my eyes and smashed my lips against he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer i wrapped my arms around his neck he licked my bottom lip wanting entrance I opened my mouth and battled tounges with him he won we pulled back for breath i jumped and wrapped my legs and kiss him i grinded my area against his crotch earning a moan from Harry I felt him harden beneath me I love the feeling of him against me sparks flying every where wait I can't do this to Louis I can't because if me and Harry don't work out I don't want to have to make him choose I had stopped grinding against him but his boner was still there i was about to stop kissing him when I heard "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE" Harry shoots of me about 8 meters away we looked up to see Louis and the boys "GET OUT OF THE POOL SKY" I hopped out of the pool Louis pointed to me and Harry "WHAT EVER HAPPENED BEFORE IS NOT HAPPENING AGAIN I FORBID YOU TO DATE HIM" how dare he say that "YOU HAVE NO SAY IN WHO I DATE" I shouted back "OH YES I DO" I looked at him angry " WHY ARE YOU MY BROTHER" I shouted "I ASK MYSELF THE SAME QUESTION WHY AM I YOUR BROTHER YOUR JUST AN ANNOYING BITCH" a tear fell from my eye "I HATE YOU" I felt myself being slapped I was falling to the ground when I was caught by Liam , zayn and Niall I looked at Louis no longer seeing his face but my ex boyfriends I heard a thud I looked through my blurry vision to see Louis on the ground with Harry yelling at him I stood up and ran into the house I grabbed my jacket and shoes and put them on and ran out the door hearing their calls for me to come back but I can't I need time to think. 

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