Louis's little sister

Skyler a girl who used to be picked on all her life finally got out of that he'll hole she calls school she hadn't seen her brother in three years and Louis thinks she looks the same but when he comes back for sky she's not the same girl he used to know. (Enjoy also if you like this book I have a few more you might like so enjoy :) )


4. Louis's view


me and the boys were standing in front row of a boxing math that me and the boys were really interested but Liam was bursting with excitement " AND NOW PRESENTING THE BEST GIRL FIGHTER IN THE WORLD " the other girl walked out with her gown and fist pumped the air while shouting " WHOOP WHOPP WAS UP" " boys i have heard that shouting before" the boys turned towards me with their mouths wide open " what" " how do you not recognise the best fighter in the world " Liam said " we'll sorry I'm not a huge fan of boxing like you boys " shhhhh" okay then " THE ONE AND ONLY TOMMO THE TOMLINSON SKYLER " she removes the hood I gasp at the sight the boys turned towards me " um Louis is that your um" Niall said " sister" zayn finished it off " she's nothing like you described her " " what happened to her she was never a violent girl  she wouldn't hurt a fly she was always against piercings and hair changing " the boys look at me with sympathy in their eyes " wow it's starting look " Liam said we all turn towards the ring to see my sister get punched in the face and pushed on the ground I was about to run towards her to see if she's okay but the boys held me back she flipped her self back up and started punching her multiple times in the face intill she had to get pulled of by the ref the other girls manager came In to the ring and whispered something into his ear " EDEN COOPER FORFEITS THIS MATCH BECAUSE SHE IS NOT ABLE TO BEAT SKYLER SO I GIVE YOU THE HONOURS TO PRESENT THIS YEARS GOLD BELT TO THE GIRL WHO'S WON IT EVERY YEAR FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS SKYLER TOMLINSON " " WHOO WOOOOOO" sky shouted running back stage "come on boys I got us tickets for us to me her " Liam said all excited like a little kid on Christmas yes I get to see sky and maybe get some answers.    

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