DELETE (A Zayn Malik Fanfic)

Zayn Malik gets a lot of hate on the internet, but there is one hater who sticks out to him the most... A girl who constantly pops up into his life; one that he can't get rid of. "What is her deal?," Malik asks himself. The girl later ends up feeling a way she never expected.


12. Party (Kind of sexual)

Zayn's POV

Liam and Louis invited their girlfriends to come with us to the party, while Niall and Harry are the only ones single. Liam was the one who drove us all. As Liam parked the car, we all got out and waited for him. The house was basically jumping. I could feel the vibrations of music travel through my body. Lia gripped my hand as soon as we walked in. I lightly squeezed her hand and smiled.

"ZAYN! WHAT DO WE DO HERE?" Lia attempted to yell over the music.

"I DONT KNOW. DANCE I GUESS? EVERYONE ELSE IS" I observed the sweaty people dancing with their partners.

You can instantly tell these people have been drinking... They're all basically just grinding on each other to the loud club music. It kind of intrigues me... But I've never actually tried it before.

I hope Lia doesn't want to dance, even though I just brought the idea up.

"NAH, CAN WE ALL JUST HANG IN A QUIET PLACE INSTEAD?" I smile and nod at her, relieved.

We all head up the large spiral steps without hesitating. It's definitely more quiet upstairs, but there's still a lot of people up here.

"Yo dudes! You have to try this vodka. It's bomb!" A guy walks up to is, holding a big bottle of Vodka.

"No thanks man, we don't drink" Harry says.

"Alright your loss..." He gives a drunken smile, then walks away.

As we're walking through the hallway we hear a couple moaning in a room. Lia bites her lip and widens her eyes, uncomfortably. I laugh at her and she punches me in the shoulder.

"Dang. You have quite an arm." Liam jokes. "Shush" she laughs.

At the end of the hall, there is are big room filled with a lot of people dancing. On the right of the room is a bar with rainbow colored lights around it. As we begin to walk in a large man stops us.

"Excuse me, this is the VIP club room. Are you on the list?" He asks us.

"We are One Direction" Louis says

The man scans the clipboard in his hand.

"Ah, One Direction. Here you are. Right this way." The man says unhooking the rope in front of us.

"Woah... This place is so cool!" Niall exclaims.

"Can we sit on those furry, couches over there?" Louis asks.

"They look quite swag" Harry says with a straight face.

"Dude... Wtf did you just say?" Liam starts laughing historically. Harry just smiles.

As we sit on the furry couch, we hear screaming.

The sound of glass breaking, echoes through the room.

"SHIT OH MY GOD" I hear a girl yell. We all jump up from the couch and start following the running people.

"What's happening?" I ask the people running.

"There's a fire downstairs! We better get out of here!" A man exclaims.

We hurry down the hallway and down the stairs. Looking over the balcony, you can see the fire spreading. We run out the door with the heat of the fire almost touching our precious souls. We all gather into the yard as the ambulance and fire trucks arrive. They quickly pull out the hoses, and start the water. The steam and smoke mix together as the fire dies down. The police also show up, asking everyone how the fire was started. A guy explained to the police,

"There were these two guys talking, and having a smoke. They were discussing their girlfriends... To find out that they were dating the same girl. They broke out into a fight, dropped their cigarettes on the floor, the next the I knew, glass was breaking and fires were starting."

"Damn... Can't believe that girl was a two timer." Harry says awkwardly.

"Come on guys, let's get out of here. That was fun while it lasted." Liam chuckles.


"I wonder who the girl was that those guys were fighting about..." Niall said.

"I saw a girl who was talking to them outside. She had kind of light purple hair and like a short black dress." Lia replied.

Light purple hair? Could it be... No it couldn't be... Perrie? It has to be her... She is the only one I know who has light purple hair... She just dyed it a few weeks ago. She was dating two people at the same time? That probably means she was cheating on me while we were dating. I can't believe this...


"Hey man, so we'll see you later. I am so tired" said Liam.

"Here Lia, it's been nice meeting you. Here are all of the girls' numbers in case you want to hang out with us." Danielle handed Lia a piece of paper with their numbers on it.

While everyone left, and Lia waved goodbye I thought of one thing. I know we're only 19, and very young, but I love her. And she loves me. I've never actually had sex before... I know people think I'm a "bad boy" and that I've probably already lost the V card, but I haven't. I don't know if Lia has or not, but if she hasn't, I want to be the first.

Lia's POV

As I close the door and turn around to Zayn, he just stares at me with a blank face. I can tell that there's something going on in his bright head. His eyelashes flitter as he blinks, and he bites his bottom lip as he walks closer to me. He puts his hand in the arch of my back, and runs his fingers through my hair. His sparkling eyes stare into mine, and then his lips softly meet mine. The making out got more intense, and that's when I decided... I want to do it. I pull away from the kiss.

"Zayn... I... I..." I can't seem to say the words.

He looks at me with a confused look.

"I want to..." I manage to say.

A smile forms on his face. I can tell that he understands what I'm trying to say. He grabs my hand and runs up to his room. He locks the door behind him, and stares at me. I move closer towards him, and our lips meet. The next thing we knew, out clothes were on the floor and we were in the bed. Honestly I thought that it was going to hurt, and it did for a little but Zayn was gentle. I expected for him to be wild and mean, but he wasn't... Zayn gives off this bad boy vibe that everyone believes, but he's not... He's just a sweet boy with a badass style. I never expected for me to lose my virginity today, but I knew I was ready. I could feel his hand moving closer to my inner thigh as I felt his bare chest, and then.. Well you know what happens...

Zayn's POV

I admit that I had no idea what I was doing. But this was the best time of my life. Usually someone admits that it was their 'first time' but Lia said absolutely nothing but noise... Maybe that means that it wasn't her first... Well I don't care. Lia was fast asleep after we were done. I looked down at her face, as she slept peacefully. The blankets were over her body, as she cuddled up close to me. In that moment, I knew that I had to tell her I love her. She said it to me, and she even admitted it to the boys... But when is the perfect time?

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