I chose skype over you

Zoey Williams was adding random people saying they were one direction what happens when she sees that this isn't fake??

and this is like pretty sexual soo..


8. Girls Day Out

Zoeys POV*
omg last night was amazing, magical and heaps of other things!
I decided time for a girls day out!
*Link; Brianna,Chrissy,Megan:
Hey Girlies last night was amazing so lets all do something together!
I received messages saying
xo Bri
'yer whoo girls only
xx Megan
and Chrissy didnt reply to me well she must be busy..
Chrissys POV*
"omg omg Dylan uhuhuh im almost there holy shit!"
I let go caving in on him..
I check my phone a text from 'Bitch-ass'
Hey Girlies last night was amazing so lets all do something together!
I threw my phone down and continued..
Briannas POV*
yes we're going out but I'm still so shocked from last night I mean I was dancing with 'THE NIALL HORAN!' like it was amazing and at the end of the night we exchanged numbers and so lets see where it goes and hopefully *fingers crossed* we end up dating..
Megans POV*
Omg I cant believe I danced with Louis he is so sweet I really wanna get a chance to know him I got up and got ready I wonder what us girls are going to do today?..
Zoeys POV*
we all met up at the café called 'La Belle'
we were chatting and then I saw Chrissy with Dylan that bitch
"Oi look its Chrissy and Dylan what the fuck are they doing here" god Bri looks pissed
"she's supposed to be our friend.." Megan looks like she gonna cry
well as for me I'm showing no emotion just pure shock
"Oi Chrissy!" I yell just to see her face..
she see that we're here and she bolts out with Dylan by her side my life is fucking ruined!
but us girls continue to drink our Frappes and talk and laugh and we decide its time to go home lets hope at school tomorrow Chrissy will fess up..


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