I chose skype over you

Zoey Williams was adding random people saying they were one direction what happens when she sees that this isn't fake??

and this is like pretty sexual soo..


2. Dimples

Zoeys POV*
"hey im Harry"
holy shit is this really happening to me?
"Hey Im Zoey im sorry im like speechless!"
he chuckles.. omg sexy as though
" well im guessing your a fan?"
"yer like your biggest"
"I like your room Zoey and by the way that's a pretty name"
"haha thanks a lot well I love your dimples!"
he did his cheeky smile that shows off his dimples omg I think my lady bits just fell off man i'm so sexually frustrated *NOT*
then mum's calling me for dinner FUCK YOU mum
"hey I kinda gotta go mums calling me for dinner"
he pouts at me and I just roll my eyes
"okay and are you Australian by any chance?"
"Yup! okay I really need to go BYE!"
wow I just talked to the one and only sex god of the WORLD, I ran downstairs and ate my prawns and chips man I love being Aussie!
Harrys POV*
Wow she was beautiful I mean she had a great sense of humor and everything that a normal fangirl has.
*ring ring*
I looked at the caller i.d and it was simon, SHIT rehearsals man im in deep shit..

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