im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


55. tour

It's been 2 weeks since me and justin got back together. We've been on some dates. Like last Saturday he took me to The park and we had a picnic. It's been real fun I'm excited for what the future holds for us. I was interrupted by my phone ringing. Jacky's voice came through the speaker

Jacky:Jaz we have to get back to work

Jaz: okay where

Jacky: you're going on tour but first I want you to write some songs and then your gonna perform them on stage

Jaz: but no one will know the song

Jacky: it's a surprise for your Arkers!!!

Jaz: okay when do we start

Jacky: the jet will come get you tomorrow at 4:30

Jaz: what about justin and my friends

Jacky: they can visit but you really need to get back to work

Jaz: okay do I pack everything

Jacky: yes and bring some pictures blankets and the stuff you're gonna need

Jaz: how long am I on tour

Jacky: about a year or something like that

Jaz: okay see you tomorrow

Jacky: bye sweetheart

I hung up and walked down the stairs.

Jaz: guys

They all just kept taking and playing

Jaz: guys

Kept doing whatever


Then all stopped what they were doing and looked at me.

Justin: what

Jaz: I'm going on tour

Justin: no no you're not

Jaz: yes jacky called

Justin: when are you leaving

Jaz: tomorrow

Justin: but I just got you back jazmine

Jaz: yup and did you just call me jazmine

Justin: yeah

Jaz: you only call me that if I make you and if you're mad

Justin: I am mad

Jaz: at me

Justin: yes I am because you're leaving me!!!


Justin: I know but you could have said no

Jaz: no I couldn't

Justin: why not

Jaz: it's my job I'm not giving it up because my boyfriend wants me here with him 24/7

Justin: I just got you back jazmine!!!!

Jaz: I bet you will be going on tour soon too justin don't make a big deal out of nothing

Justin: a big deal out if nothing a big deal out of nothing...JAZMINE YOU ARE LEAVING ME FOR LIKE A YEAR!!!!

Jaz: jacky said you guys can visit

Justin: I don't wanna visit I want you in my arms every second every hour of the day

Jaz: but you can't

Justin: I know but I just got you back

Jaz: and I just got you back too justin this is not easy for me.... You are my easiest hello and hardest goodbye

Justin: and you are mine.....

Then I walked closer to him and kissed him

Jaz: I Iove you

Justin: I love you too

I pulled away and looked in his hypnotizing eyes

Jaz: wanna help me pack

Justin: sure

We walked to my room and put my clothes and shoes into many many suitcases. Then my accessories and belts makeup etc.when We finished it was 12:48 we crawled into my bed and fell asleep

_________________. next day___________________________

I woke up with Justin's arms wrapped around me tight and his face in between my chest. I giggled and then he woke up

Justin: what

Jaz: you found new pillows

Justin: what

I looked at him then at my chest

Justin: ohhhh yes yes I did they are soft

He lay his head back on my chest and I felt him smiled into them.

Justin: I don't want you to go

Jaz: I don't wanna leave you but my Arkers miss my sexiness

Justin: but then I'm gonna miss you're sexiness!!!!

Jaz: you can have this sexiness when you come and visit

His head popped up and he was grinning like an idiot

Justin: really

Jaz: yes really

Then my stomach growled

Jaz: my stomach needs so sexy bacon in it

Justin: how about you get some sexy Canadian inside you then your stomach can have some bacon

Jaz: switch it?

Justin: either way I'm happy

He jumped out of bed and helped me up and dragged me downstairs. He made bacon and waffles then he poured me some orange juice. I finished me food and waited for justin to finish

Justin: I'm done let's go

Jaz: okay

I got on his back and he ran upstairs. I got down and was about to walk into my bathroom but justin pulled me back by my waist

Justin: where you going

Jaz: brushing my teeth

Justin: but I want to taste the bacon!!!

Jaz: ugh fine

I sat on his lap and we made out. It soon turned into more.

(I am not going into detail this time but next time)

Then the door opened and justin pushed me off of him and I fell of the bed. Justin looked at me from on top of the bed

Justin: sorry and what do you want Bryson

I grabbed the part of the covers that were touching the ground. I wrapped it around my body stood up

Jaz: what do you want

Bryson: umm I just wanted to tell you jacky called and told me to remind you to be at the jet at 4:30 and your limo is coming at 4:00

Jaz: what time is it

Bryson: umm 3:35

Jaz: damn justin

I looked at justin

Justin: we were having fun though

Bryson: okay gross bye and next time lock the door

Jaz: sure thing

I picked up a pillow and it at justin. Then he grabbed me and tossed me on the bed. Then he kissed me and then picked me up bridal style.

Jaz: I'm naked!!!

Justin: so am I

Jaz: we are not taking a shower together!!

Justin: yes

Then I looked at the clock 3:45

Jaz: fine cause I'm in a rush

We got in the shower and we washed our selves kissed a little then when I bent down to get the soap justin slapped my ass.

Jaz: justin!!!

Justin: what it's so big

Jaz: okay you touched now stop •laughing•

He stopped and we got out the shower and I put on a black tshirt that has Justin's face on it and the word believe and then jeans and my black vans. Then I dried my hair and left my face alone because my makeup was in one of the many suitcases. I walked downstairs and saw the limo. Everyone helped me put my stuff in the trunk and everyone shed tears even selena

Selena: jazmine I know we are have been mad at eachother for a long long time but I want to say sorry and that you are my sister no matter how mad I am at you and how mad you at at me.

Jaz: it's okay I know our friendship won't be the same but I forgive you and call me Jaz.

I hugged her tight and then I went to Justin

Justin: I'm sorry for every stupid mistake I made and I want you to have this

He pulled out a black box and opened it

Justin: jazmine I want you to promise me that you and I will be together forever have mini biebers and then grow old together

Jaz: justin I promise

Justin: I love you so much

He put the ring on my ring finger then we kissed. Then I got in the limo and waved by to everyone. I got to the jet and walked inside.

Jacky: there you are

Jaz: here I am

Jacky: I haven't seen you in awhile

Jaz: I haven't seen you either

Jacky: okay we have to talk about your schedule

Jaz: okay

Jacky: sit

I did as to and then she pulled out a notebook

Jacky: okay you will have rehearsal Monday-wensday then meet and greet wensday-Friday then concerts will be thrown in any day between Monday-Saturday and Sunday is your free day

Jaz: wow

Jacky: yeah wow

Jaz: I have to work today

Jacky: nope tomorrow though

Jaz: okay

Then the seat belt sign came on and I put my seat belt on and then the pilot said "you can now turn you devices on"

I plugged my earbuds in and listen to Justin's music and then I text him.



Hey juju


Hey babe what's up






I'm in the sky dumbass




To bad


I miss you missy


I miss you too mr


I'll text you later bye baby



Then jacky came to me

Jacky: hey Jaz um we need to get off the plane

Jaz: what we just got on

Jacky: that was 2 hours ago

Jaz: really wow

I got off the jet and was blinded by the flashes of cameras. I pushed my way through and screamed go away leave me alone. Then one of those nasty paparazzi touched my ass. I turned around and slapped him and screamed what the hell keep your nasty hands to yourself

Then I ran into the airport. I got in and took my shades off big mistake....some guys saw me and walked over to me.

Guy: hey jazmine can you please take a picture with me

Jaz: sure

The other guy took the picture I did that with everyone of then then walked over to jacky who was on her phone.

Jacky: ready

Jaz: yes

Jacky: okay the limo is here and they really love you

Jaz: they're guys

Jacky: so they love you

Jaz: I know

Then one of them ran to me and stopped us

Guy: hi jazmine I was wondering if you would give me your number

Jaz: I'm sorry I can't

Guy: I understand

Jaz: but I can't shout you out on twitter and Instagram

Guy: thanks

He put his usernames in and I followed him blah blah blah.

Then we finally got into the limo

Jacky: your all over the internet tmz and e news

Jaz: about the paparazzi

Jacky: yup

Jaz: figured

Jacky: but it's not bad

Jaz: what

I was shocked

Jacky: everyone saying that you know how to handle those big guys and that you're not A slut

Jaz: duh justin isn't the only one that can handle them.

Jacky: true oh we are here

We got out and the body guards got our bags and we went inside. We got to our room I plopped onto my bed and grabbed my phone


Hey juju I'm at the hotel

I waited and waited. I waited for like 20 minutes and I texted him again

Hi what's goin on....

Then I waited again

I wonder what's going on

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