im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


81. theres a baby in there


Justin: i dont cook to well

Jaz: yo lyin ass

He giggled and tried to flip the pancake. As i said TRIED!! The pancake flipped in the air and then went flat on our kitchen floor. I laughed at him and then picked it up. Then justin took it from me

Justin: still edible

Jaz: no its not thats nasty

Justin: yes it is theres no hair and theres somthing called 5 second rule

He smirked and bit the pancake

Jaz: if we had a dog and you ate that off the floor you would not be kissing me

Justin: talking about dogs then we have a baby on the way you want a whole normal family

I blushed

Jaz: if you put it that way.....yeah i do

He kissed my cheek

Jaz: oh im going out with some friends to tell them the news and going to figure out how were gonna everyone

He nodded and touched my stomach

Justin: theres a baby in there

Jaz: our baby

He picked me up bridal style and put me on the couch. After cuddling kissing all that cute couple stuff i got ready and headed out to Starbucks to talk to Selena grace and taylor.


I grabbed my drink from the lady and sat down and waited for Selena grace an taylor. I looked at the front door and saw my friends walk in

Selena: sorry we're late

Jaz: no problem...not gonna order

Grace: i am

Selena: no

Taylor: be right back

Selena: so whats going on you seemed excited nervous

Jaz: i am

The two others came back ad sat down

Taylor: spill

Jaz: so on our honey moon we took a bath not a regular bath like a sex bath and then we did it again in the bed

Grace: you used protection right

Jaz: well....

Selena: you didnt!?

Jaz: not the first time but the second time and well we have a little Bieber on the way.


Grace: I'm gonna be an auntie!!!

Selena&taylor: I'm the god mother

They looked at each other and giggled

Jaz: i was thinking grace was the god mother but i don't care you guys pick

Taylor: so when are we going to tell your family

Jaz: well i need your help how do i tell them and the world

Selena: so you meet up with your dad Justin's there of course and you give him hints like baby carrots ask Justin what diapers you should buy say Justin and I've been shopping for baby clothes point out how cute a baby is if they're any at the restaurant and to tell the world be spotted looking at clothes or take a pic with you and Justin cuddling and he's rubbing your stomach or you can come to one of my concerts and then announce it

Jaz: i like them...i'll talk to justin

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