im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


20. thats classified information

Ask walked into Jacky's house I got a text from justin.


Justin-hey um wanna hang out today

Jaz- sorry I don't feel comfortable being alone with you

Justin-oh....I understand okay

Jaz-but since it's New Year's Eve I'll make an exception

Justin-really really you're not lying

Jaz-no justin

Justin-okay and my friend Chaz wants to come you can bring one of your friends

Jaz-okay I will

Justin- bye

Jaz: bye

I walked to my room and took a bath to think.

Well justin seems like himself but before he did terrible terrible horrible unforgivable things to mainly me and selena and then some stuff to grace and Ariana. Ariana didn't really get touched. But why. Even though he told me why and stuff it seems I'm missing a tiny bit of information. Knock knock I was interrupted by selena and grace

Them: can we come in

Jaz: on sec

I drained the water and put a towel around my body and opened the door.

Selena:are you really going to forgive him like that

Jaz: like what

Grace: forgive him that easily

Selena: he abused you for god sake and he stabbed you in your feet and legs

Jaz: I know and I said i have my doubts okay•getting annoyed•

Selena: okay but I'm telling you if he abuses you when you forgive him it's all your fault

Then they walked out. Those words kept going through my's all your's all your fault. She was right it is all my fault if I didn't fall for him I would be happy healthy living in a house full of love I would be with my parents. Tears started falling down my face. Then I spotted a razor through my blurry eyes. Jazmine you can do this remember it's all your fault it's all your fault then I slide it across my wrist and in a matter of time blood would come out. Then I did it again and again and again each time I let out a whimper. Then I heard the door knob turn and Ariana walked in

Ariana: hey •looking behind my back• what's behind your back

Jaz: nothing go away

Ariana: no what's behind your back

Jaz: fine I'll go away

I walked past her then she grabbed my arm

Ariana: JACKY!!!!!

Then Jacky's came running to the bathroom

Jacky: what

Ariana: look at her wrist

Then Ariana showed her my wrist

Jacky:•looking in my eyes• why

Then I broke down

Jaz: it's all my fault it's all my fault it's all my fault

Then Jacky took me to my bed and grabbed me some clothes and I put them on

Jacky: now what's all your fault sweetheart

Jaz: everyone getting.....hurt

Jacky: no it's not who told you that

Jaz: s-s-selena


Then selena ran to my room and looked at my wrist.

Selena: what the hell!!

Jacky: did you say it was all jazmines fault for everyone getting abused

Selena: no I said if she forgives him and he abuses her then it's all on her

Jacky: well she took it the wrong way

Selena:• looking like she's about to cry• I'm really really sorry Jaz

Jaz: it's okay

Then she ran to me and hugged me

Selena: I'm truly sorry

Jaz: I know

Selena: are you sure

Jaz: yes and would you like to hang out with me and um-

Selena: justin and his friend

Jaz: how did you

Selena: well your phone has a big font and it seems like you still have feelings for Justin

Jaz: I'm trying not to because well he did abuse me and he knew louis did to

Selena: but he did try to stop it and then he basically saved you from being killed

Jaz: I know but.....

Selena: no buts what I said was wrong about forgiving and shit but your heart knows why it wants

Jaz: I'm not forgiving but I'm going to be thinking about it

Selena: okay and why are we sitting her talking let's go get ready for tonight.

Jaz: let's go shopping

Selena: okay

We walked downstairs and into the car

Selena: I'm going to drive because if you do then I would see those deep red bloody cuts you made

Jaz: sorry

Selena:don't say sorry to me say sorry to your body

Jaz: okay.....sorry body for harming you

Then we pulled up to the mall. We went inside forever 21 rue21 Aldo jcpenny footlocker I have no idea why footlocker but I bought some Jordans

We finished and we had a lot of bags

Selena: I think I lost 10 pounds from walking in that mall!

Jaz: I think I lost 5 because I walked at are some candy

Selena: wow really Jaz really

Jaz: hey I maybe skinny but I can eat

Selena: I know oh and ask justin causal or fancy

Then I texted justin

Jaz-casual or fancy


Jaz-kk and selena coming with

Justin- okay bye


Then I put my phone away

Jaz: he said causal

Selena: good!!

Then we pulled up in the driveway

Jaz: okay let's get ready we have 2 hours

We ran in the house and took a shower once I got out i ran to selena

Jaz: which jeans light or dark

Selena: dark and which shirt blue or pink

Jaz: I'm wearing purple so pink

Selena: Kay

Then I ran to my room put my undergarments on and my jeans and my purple flowy shirt. Then I did my makeup i basically only put on blush, foundation, lipbalm, and lipgloss. Then I did my hair. I straightened it and it was actually long because I couldn't cut it at the hell hole of a mansion. It was right above my butt.

Then I put on my sparkly purple toms.

Them selena: walked into my room

Selena: you ready

Jaz: yup

Then the doorbell rang and we ran to answer it

Justin: hey ladies

Then he tried to hug selena but she put her Hand out

Justin: oh I see sorry about that

Then he hugged me. Then I realized i didn't cover up my wrist.

Justin: what's on your wrist

Jaz: nothing •hiding it behind my back•

Then I got in the back with selena

Justin: so selena what happened to Jaz

Then she looked at me and I shook my head.

Selena: nothing

Justin: she cut herself didn't she

Selena: no answer it's classified information

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