im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


57. start over


Jaz pov:

I woke up to my alarm clock going off. I'm not that mad because a month of gettin use to the schedule. I have my first show today!!!! I got out of bed and went to the shower and I took a quick one then I put on some sweatpants and a crop top and my Adidas. I walked out my tour bus and went to the stadium. We are going to get everything ready for the show tonight. While they were putting the lights and stuff up I was trying my clothes on singing my songs I'm gonna sing then once they finished I tried out the jumpy thing that pushes me up on the stage (the thing justin comes up on like he flies up idk)

It was scary but fun!!! Then my dancers and I rehearsed the moves and then went to eat something cause I was hungry. My friends Danielle and Dawn (dancers) wanted to eat unlike the others so we went to mcdonalds. We got in line and just stood there talking.

Dawn: I hope no one notices it's you

Danielle: or knows us

Dawn: they don't know us were just dancers

Danielle: they have seen us with jazzy bear for like 2 weeks and if they are Arkers they will know who we are

Jaz: I doubt they know it's me anyway •looking at my clothes•

Dawn: Jaz you look hot in anything you wear so they will

Jaz: no the-

Then I was cut off by someone saying next person

Person: what would you have

I looked up at the menu and then looked down once he was examining my face.

Jaz: I would have a 10 price chicken nugget fries and a coke oh and a vanilla ice cream

Then dawn looked over my shoulder and smiling

Dawn: same for us •pointing at her and Danielle•

Jaz: how much

Person: free for the famous jazmine ark

My head popped up and smiled

Jaz: thank you and thanks for not screaming it

Person: no problem

Then he handed us our food. We left and then I drove back to the stadium. We walked in and saw people laughing and someone singing....oh gosh are you serious!!!! That voice belongs to the one and only justin fucking Drew bieber!!!

Dawn: hey babe let's go

Jaz: fine by me

We walked to the door as fast as possible but it wasn't fast enough. Jacky caught us!!!

Jacky: hey girls where you going?!?

Jaz: umm we decided to eat outside

Jacky: no come on the stage

We all looked at eachother and walked slowly to the stage. We got there and we sat in a circle talking then Jacky's voice ruined my happy eating

Jacky: girls why are you being so distance come closer!! •smiling•

Then justin turned his head and smiled I looked at him and rolled my eyes. We crawled to the middle of the stage and sat there and talked about random stuff and giggled every once and awhile when Danielle would choke or when dawn would say something retarded and when I would act like a stupid person. We finished our food and then got up and through our stuff away. Once we did I went to my dressing room and brushed my teeth...NO ONE WANTS STINKY BREATHE!!! When I finished I went back on stage and we rehearsed but a thing changed justin was still here....

I started singing and justin was just sitting infront of me smiling. I kept singing and then when I finished justin got on stage and got behind me.

Jaz: uhh what's he doing

Jacky: oh he is going to be on your first tour with's that great!!!???

That bitch!!!

Jaz:yeah wonderful •note the sarcasm•

Jacky: wonderful sing the um the song it's called •thinking•

Jaz: it's called who's that boy

Jacky: yeah that one!!!!

Jaz: places

Once everyone was in there places I started singing and dancing to my parts then justin walked out and danced put his hands where they were suppose to go and did everything like the other dancer did...I'm relieved then at the end he did the unthinkable...he kissed me!!! I pulled away and looked at him with my mouth open

Jacky: that's in the show jazmine...

Jaz: why was I unaware then...why didn't that guy do it

Jacky: he's the backup if something happens to justin...justin is the dancer

Jaz: what's going on?! What's up with your career

Justin: I took a year break

Jaz: because

Justin: drama

Jaz: you dumbass this is gonna cause drama

I looked at justin and jacky and shook my head. Then I stormed off stage and into my dressing room and slammed the door. About 3 minutes to myself the door opened

Dawn: hey girl

Jaz: what are they doing now

Dawn: they are going over the other dances

Jaz: well I have to get out there...

I got up and walked back on stage.

Jacky: okay Jaz this is Justin's song he will be doing

Jaz: okay great

I started walking off but then jacky yelled my name


Jaz: sitting down

Jacky: no you're in this one

Jaz: ugh

I walked back onstage and stood there. Then John came out and told me what to do. I basically have to do what the girl did in the somebody to love video. Justin started singing confident then I did my part and once It was over I walked off stage bad as hell. I bumped into Danielle and dawn.

Danielle: okay honey what's wrong

Jaz: nothing

Dawn: you're red as a Tomato

Jaz: I am ugh

They dragged me into my dressing room and sat me down on the couch

Dawn: okay spill

Jaz: it's justin...ugh why is he here I told jacky what had happened a month ago I was hoping I didn't see his cheating ass ever again ugh!!!!!

Dawn: well I'm guessing you don't wanna see his face

Jaz: dawn honey stop talking

Dawn: how rude!! •smiling•

Danielle: okay so from what you told us I thought he wasn't worth getting mad over

Dawn: or crying over

Jaz: ugh your right

Danielle: twins are always right when we walk together!!!

Yes they are twins!!! But not identical dawn has black hair and brown eyes Danielle has brown hair with hazel eyes.

Jaz: okay


Then he walked in.....

Danielle: should we leave

Jaz: no

Justin: yes

Dawn: im going with yes

Danielle: me too and Jaz remember when you wanna punch him punch the pillow

Dawn: and justin stay as far away from her when she turns red

Justin: this is my Jaz I know her

Dawn: I'm gonna say I told you so when she punches you or kicks you

Justin: whatever

Then they walked out

Jaz: really your Jaz....nope I'm no ones Jaz

Justin: you could be my Jaz

Jaz: nah I'm good

Justin: I need to tell that guy wasn't me in the video jazmine

Jaz: you got my name right finally and what the hell are you saying

Justin: that guy wasn't me that was Bryson

Jaz: why was his hair like yours

Justin: he said his new girlfriend is coming over and wants his hair done so I did it....even though he didn't like it

Jaz: why didn't he take it down

Justin: because when I was done she came

Jaz: why did you say Jaz I'm sorry...

Justin: cause selena scared me and I didn't finish my text I sent it on accident....

Jaz: I'm not dating you

Justin: why

Jaz: cause when we fight and it's over we rush into it so I wanna start over

Justin: sure okay

Jaz: hi my name is jazmine ark

Justin: hello my name is justin bieber and no way are you THE JAZMINE ARK?! I'm a HUGE ARKER!!!

Jaz: yes yes I am and are you THE JUSTIN BIEBER I'm a HUGE BELIEBER!!

Justin: friends

Jaz: friends......

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