im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


29. red carpet part 1

Selena; you guys are so cute!!!

Jaz: hehe thanks

Selena: hey you wanna make me breakfast

Jaz: why me

Selena: cause you make some good French toast

Jaz: aww thanks

Then we heard the door open.

Justin: both if you close your eyes

Selena:•closing her eyes• why do I have to

Justin: cause you have a big mouth and there's something for you

Selena:•jumping around• really really really

Justin: yes now open your eyes

We opened our eyes and saw justin holding a black and silver dress

Jaz: which on his mine?!?

Justin: black.....

I was speechless

Justin: you don't like

Jaz: no I don't like it.....I love it

Justin: I was so nervous

Then we looked at selena that was dancing with her dress.

Jaz:•laughing• really selena

Selena: he's a keeper!!!

Jaz: I know•kissing his cheek• when do we go on the red carpet

Justin: well in 2 hours

Jaz: and you tell us now....we have to get ready!!!

I grabbed Selena's arm and ran upstairs

About 30 minutes later

Justin: so what are you on now•on the other side of the door•

Jaz: well I'm getting out the shower and washing my face....why

Justin: cause I wanna see you

Jaz: not yet.....go take a shower

Justin: I did I need to do my hair and my stuff

Is in our bathroom

I searched for his hair products and then opened to door, and justin crashed our lips together

Jaz: you couldn't have waited

Justin: nope I missed you

Jaz: I missed you too.

Then I closed the door and washed my face. After that I put my dress on then I did my makeup. Since it was a black dress I decided to go natural. I finished my makeup and did my hair. I loosed curled my hair and then put my red bottom heels on. Then I put my red lipstick on and walked out the bathroom

Justin: you look beautiful

Jaz:•blushing• thank you and you look handsome

Selena: okay everyone we have 20 minutes to get to the red carpet

Justin: well then why are we standing here let's go

We walked into Justin's car and I sat in the front and justin drove.

Jaz: guess what

Selena: is this for me

Jaz: yes

Selena: what

Jaz: I got you someone to walk down the carpet with

Selena: WHO WHO!!!

Jaz: okay it's Taylor lautner


Jaz: whatever you say

Selena:what's that suppose to mean

Jaz: I have my sexy baby right here•kissing his cheek•

Then we pulled up and got out of the car and selena spotted Taylor right away. Then justin grabbed my hand and we walked on the carpet.

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