im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


52. now who's blushing

I ran upstairs not telling anyone what's going on. I got to my room stripped and got in the shower. I got out dried my hair and then picked out some clothes I picked out a pair of black shorts a red shirt and my black vans. Then I straightened my hair and put on mascara eyeliner(wing effect) then eos lipbalm and my lipgloss. I went downstairs and everyone was sitting down on the couch flicking through movies on netflix. I walked pass them to get a bottle of water. When I came back they were all staring at me.

Justin:where are you going

Jaz: somewhere


Jaz: someone

Talia: I know!!!


Then Giana Tyler and Bryson came running downstairs

Giana: look on E news now!!!

They turned to E news and the reporter was talking


R: so jazmine finally got over justin after that Setup by justin? Of you said yes well we have some proof to tell you we think they are!!!

Then pictures of Cody getting into his car and the Instagram comments and the stuff we posted. She explained everything then when she finally stopped talking the door bell rang. I ran to it and they I saw a smiling Cody



Jaz: how did you find my house

Cody:easy I'm Cody Simpson

Jaz: stalking me now?

Cody: it's not stalking

Jaz: what is it

Cody:uhm stalking fine I stalked •looking down•

Jaz: no worries

Then black vans pulled up in my drive way and then flashes went off. Cody looked back and then looked at me

Jaz: come in

He ran in and then looked at everyone

Jaz: okay everyone be nice


Then I took Cody's hand and pulled in into the kitchen.

Jaz: want something to eat

Cody:oooo do you have sour patch kids

I looked through the pantry and then found them

Jaz: yes I do

I turned around to face him and he was smiling

Jaz: what are you smiling at

Cody: your so tiny!!

Jaz: not that tiny

Cody: compared to me yes

Jaz: no



Then I through a sour patch kid at him. He caught it in his mouth

Cody: ha I caught it!!

Then I through another one and it got in his shirt. He got it out and then looked at me

Cody: your gonna pay

Jaz: how?

Then he started walking towards me and I was walking backwards. I hit a wall and now me and Cody were centimeters apart. He took one tiny step forward and now our bodies were touching

Jaz: whatcha gonna do

Cody:tickle you

My eyes grew big and then I ran around the kitchen. He caught me and started tickling me

Justin pov

I wanted to get some candy and see what Cody and jazmine was up to. Mainly Cody and jazmine. I walked in and saw Cody tickling jazmine and jazmine smiling and giggling. Oh that giggle makes me melt. I stood there just watching them but then Cody put jazmine on the counter and they looked in eachothers eyes. They were about to kiss. I had to stop them. I looked around and saw a cup. I grabbed it and then let it fall to the ground. They both jumped and turned to face me.

Jaz: Justin

Justin: yeah

Jaz: what do you want

Justin: I wanted something to drink I couldn't reach the cup but when I got it it slipped out my hands.

Jaz: oh okay

Cody: hey Jaz wanna go to Starbucks now

Jaz: sure

Jaz pov

We went outside having cameras shoved in our faces and cameras flashing. One of the cameras hit Cody in the face and I saw him turn red which means he's mad. I grabbed his hand to make him calm down. He looked at me and smiled

Paparazzi: are you dating

That is the question we heard the whole way to his car.

We got to Starbucks and sat down. Cody had his phone out on Instagram.

Jaz: Cody stop!!!

Cody: stop what

Jaz: being on your phone...who's page are you on •smiling•

Cody: yours

Jaz: oh that's different

Cody:your so beautiful

I blushed sipping my cappuccino and then I heard him take a picture

Jaz: NO!!

Cody: YES!!!!

He was on his phone for 4 minutes. He was posting the picture.

He finally put his phone down.

Cody: look at my page

I looked at his page and it was me blushing drinking my cappuccino and looking at the straw he put a comment saying my bae blushing because I called her beautiful. I smiled to myself and then looked at Cody.

Jaz: so I'm your bae?

Cody: nice for you to mention would you go out with me

To me it's a little sudden but I have this trust in him like he won't break me he would just love me and know how to treat me....

Jaz:hmmmm no

Cody: what •sad•

Jaz: I'm just kidding yes I would go out with you Cody

I walked over to him and sat in his lap

Jaz: Cody would you break my heart

Cody: no I'm here to love you and fix your heart

Jaz: Cody....

Cody: yes jazzy

Jaz: I'm happy you posted that picture even if I look like a tomato

Cody:•laughing• you look nothing like a tomato and if you did you would be a sexy tomato!!!

Then I kissed his cheek and he blushed

Jaz: now who's blushing.....

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