im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


61. no matter what

I woke up and justin was in my bed. I loosened myself from him and went into my bathroom I took a long shower and then got dressed. I put on a pair of jeans and a white oversized tshirt that says wtf=where's the food in black. Then I put on my black flip flops. I walked to the main part of the bus and sat down by the tv not turning it on just staring at the blank black screen then my door opened. Then justin sat beside me

Justin: so watcha watching

Jaz: the black screen

Justin: cool what's it about

Jaz: nothing just a big screen of black

Justin: is it interesting

Jaz: nope

Justin: they why are you watching it

Jaz: Justin what do you want

Justin: I want to talk

Jaz: about what

Justin: us..

Jaz: well I don't

Justin: please

Jaz: ugh fine what

Justin: why don't you think I don't need you

Jaz: because you're you you're justin bieber everyone loves you everyone wants you

Justin: yeah but I just want one girl and that's you jazmine

Jaz: I'm not going back into this justin no mores sorts

Justin: what am I suppose to do

Jaz: move on

Justin: I can't I need you

Jaz: justin go find a girl that's prettier than me find someone that can forgive you whenever you do something stupid justin I'm not that girl justin my heart breaks little by little when you or someone I care about...I'm broken

Justin: do you know how I you regret holding my hand

Jaz: I know how you feel you feel heartbroken and of course not your hand fits perfectly in mine

Justin: then let it stay in my hand

Jaz: I need a break

Justin: I break means never talking to me again

Jaz: no it doesn't....

Justin: yes it does.

Jaz: We need to go rehearse justin

Justin: you're gonna brush it off...

Jaz: Justin please just go get ready

~2 hours later~

Jacky: okay from the top

I'm singing a new song I wrote for my mother and for justin. I rehearsed it about 12 times now I'm not having a concert today because we have to go to Tennessee. We rehearsed some more and then we were off the Tennessee. While I was on the tour bus I put my headphones in and listened to music until justin pulled my earbud out and put it in his ear and lay his head down on my lap.

Jaz: what do you want

Justin: to listen to music with you

Jaz: Justin why

Justin: because I can't hold you or kiss you so this is what I want

Then rolled my eyes and hummed to the music then Justin's song die in your arms came on and I looked at him and he looked at me. I sing along to the song and so did he. I played with his hair as we sung along once the song went off. I looked at him as he rubbed his thumb back and forth on my hand. Then my eyes started to tear up. I love him so much but it hurts I wonder does he see what he does to me? Does he know that I love him this much... Then he wiped the tears away and leaned upto my face.

Justin: baby I know you love me a lot

Jaz: you see right through me

Justin: and you see right through me baby why did

Jaz: why did I do what

Justin: break up with me

Jaz: it felt like you didn't care like you were more busy caring about yourself...

Justin: I would die for you baby

Jaz: and I would die for you

Then he looked me in the eyes and then leaned in. I pressed my hand on his lips he quickly opened his eyes and looked at me

Justin: what

Jaz: do you pinky swear to never hurt me on purpose and to love me with all your heart

Justin: I pinky swear

He then wrapped his pinky around mine

Jaz: if you break this promise I will break you pinky

He then looked at nodded looked at me in my eyes

Justin: I love you

Jaz: I love you more

And then there I go again forgiving him so easily I can't stay mad well away from this boy... I will always go back no matter what I'm deeply in love.....

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