im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


32. never can fix a heart

I woke woke up in Austin's arms. I moved around a little to get comfortable.

Austin: hey my little worm is up

Jaz: why am I a Worm

Austin: because you were squirming around

Jaz: makes since

Austin: you're so adorable

Jaz: thank you want some French toast

Austin: sure

Jaz: okay

I got up,walked to the kitchen,got the stuff I needed,and started cooking

Austin: can cook

Jaz: yup

Austin: I didn't know that

Jaz: there's a lot of things you don't know about me

Austin: we'll let me take you on a date

Jaz: okay when

Austin: Friday at 9

Jaz: okay causal

Austin: yup and wear sneakers and shorts

Jaz: what are we doing

Austin:all I'm telling you is your gonna get wet

Jaz: oooo fun!!!

Then selena came running downstairs

Selena:TURN ON THE TV TO E! News NOW!!!!

I ran to the tv and changed the channels.then I got to E! News

Reporter: I guess justin and Jaz broke up we are all wondering why...

Then I started talking to the tv

Jaz: yeah why I don't even know why!!

Austin: jazzy baby they're gonna tell you

Jaz: austie I'm not 2

Austin: I know let's just watch the show

Jaz: okay

Reporter: we have justin bieber here with us to clarify things

Then he walked in the camera view.

Justin: good evening Jessica ( I don't know the names of the reporters on the show)


Jessica: good evening now your ex-girlfriend jazmine why did you dump her

Justin: well I dumped Jaz I mean jazmine

Jessica: okay wait wait why did you say Jaz I mean jazmine

Justin: well because I know she's watching this and when we don't talk she says "and um it's jazmine"

Jaz: no fucking way did he just oh my god he just imitated me!!!!

Jessica: okay..... How did she react

Justin: like she didn't care oh and selena posted a video of Austin Mahone comforting her when she was crying then another one when Austin asked her out all you heard was jazmine making sure she trusted him but then he cut off before jazmine answered his question

Jessica: well everyone is going crazy about Austin and jazmine

Justin: yeah I know but I have my baby always by my side

Then the camera looked at Ariana and she was locking lips with Nathan Skye

Jessica: DAMN!!!!

Justin: Ariana......

Ariana: hey justin I meant to tell you we're over

Jessica: we will be back after the break

Then I cut the tv off

Jaz: damn....

Austin: yes....hey you wanna go to the mall

Jaz: yay!!! Imma get ready

Austin: okay Imma go home and get ready see in 2 hours

Jaz: okay

He walked out the front door, then I saw my phone ring

I ran to my phone and saw I had a text from jacky



Hey Jaz we have an interview today in 2 hours oh and bring Austin


Okay....and how did you know


Well if you listen to the video you would hear you say a word that starts with a y


Oh okay I'll tell Austin


Wear a dress


Okay and heels?!




Eeeee okay :)

I texted Austin that we have to go to an interview he said okay and I got ready. I put on a pink dress that ended just above my knees and then I put on a black belt around my waist and then I put on a my pink heels. Then I curled my hair and put on a necklace that says bitch swerve and a ring.

Ding dong

I ran downstairs and saw Austin.

Austin: wow you look beautiful

Jaz: thanks oh wait I need to get my lipgloss

Austin: no problem

Then he pulled out a box

Austin: open it

I opened it then say two lipglosses pink and red

Jaz: oh my gosh really thanks you

Austin: put it on in the car

Jaz: okay

I got in the car and started applying my new red lipgloss

Then I heard a camera go off


Austin: what....hey can I put this on Instagram

Jaz: sure

Then he uploaded the picture and we drove off to the interview.

Jaz: what did you put as the caption

Austin: applying her cute

Jaz: aw stop you're making me blush

Then he kissed my cheek and we saw a flash go off

About 10 minutes later we got to the interview

The reporter was Ellen.

Ellen: hey jazmine the show starts in 5 see you out there

Jaz: okay

I been on Ellen twice this would be my third time

~the show~

Ellen: hey everyone today we have JAZMINE ARK on the show!!

I walked out and sat down. I was so confused though there were 3 chairs instead of 2.

Jaz: hey Ellen

Ellen: hey how have you been

Jaz: fine actually

Ellen: well i want to bring out the person that you have been hanging out with......AUSTIN MAHONE!!!!

Then Austin walked out looking in my eyes smiling I smiled back.

Then he got close to me and I stood up and hugged him and he kissed my cheek.

Ellen: so everyone's dying to know

Austin: are we dating......then the answer is-

I cut him off

Jaz: yes

Ellen: well everyone there's your answer oh and we have a picture to prove

Then a picture of us kissing in his car popped up. I started to blush and giggle

Austin: oooo look my baby is blushing!!!

Then he kissed my cheek

Ellen: well then we have one more guess

Jaz: ooo is it selena or Taylor lautner or um demi lovato

Ellen:•laughing• no it's........JUSTIN BIEBER

then I froze. No no no why why ugh really really why are you doing this to me

Then he walked out from backstage. Even though he broke up with doesn't mean I can't be nice. I got out of my seat and hugged him. He hugged back and squeezed me. I pulled away and sat back down.

Ellen: okay well we have some questions

Justin: hit it

Ellen: okay justin why did you dump jazmine

Justin: well I found someone that I thought was better than jazmine

Ellen: wait you thought was better than jazmine

I looked at justin and then I got out of my seat and then was pulled back down by Austin

Austin: baby it's's okay

Jaz: okay

I sat back down and looked at my feet until Ellen talked

Ellen: okay jazmine how did you feel when you got dumped

Jaz: I was shocked but then I felt sad but then I told myself it's his loss

Ellen: that's my girl....okay now AUSTIN how did you win Jaz

Austin: well I told her what justin did and everything then we hung out then I told her she was irreplaceable and that I loved her and I would never dump or disrespect her because we all came from women and we have to respect them

Then the whole crowd clapped

Ellen: justin how do you feel about what he said

Justin: I know I'm wrong about what I did to jazmine and his words are the truth and I'm not going to get mad at him for it and jazmine still has a place in my heart and I hope I still have a place in hers not a lot like my does but at least 5 percent or 10 percent

Ellen: wow touching after the break jazmine will be singing for us don't go anywhere

We walked backstage and Austin pulled me in a closet

Austin:*touching me* I want you

Jaz: no Austin

Then he grabbed my wrist and slapped me

Jaz: no you didn't just do that

Austin: yes I did

I grabbed his balls and twisted them then I punched him.then I walked out then he came out

Austin: I'm leaving

Jaz:* pulling him close to me* we are D-o-n-e...done bye Austin

Ellen: so where's Austin going

Jaz: home he doesn't feel good down there

Ellen: he tried to....

Jaz: sure did boys are such pigs

Ellen: you ready to sing

Jaz: yup

I walked on stage where everyone dances and sings I had the microphone and waiting for my cue.

Ellen: we are back now jazmine ark singing fix a heart by demi lovato

Then I started singing

Jaz:It's probably what's best for you

I only want the best for you

And if I'm not the best then you're stuck

I tried to sever ties and I ended up with wounds to bind

Like you're pouring salt in my cuts

And I just ran out of band-aids

I don't even know where to start

'Cause you can bandage the damage

You never really can fix a heart

Even though I know what's wrong

How could I be so sure

If you never say what you feel, feel

I must have held your hand so tight

You didn't have the will to fight

I guess you needed more time to heal

Baby, I just ran out of band-aids

I don't even know where to start

'Cause you can bandage the damage

You never really can fix a heart

Ooh, ooh

Whoa, whoa


Ooh, ooh

Whoa, whoa

Whoa, whoa

Oh, oh


You must be a miracle worker

Swearing up and down

You can fix what's been broken, yeah

Please don't get my hopes up

No, no, baby, tell me how could you be so cruel?

It's like you're pouring salt on my cuts

Baby, I just ran out of band-aids

I don't even know where to start

'Cause you can bandage the damage

You never really can fix a heart

Baby, I just ran out of band-aids

I don't even know where to start

'Cause you can bandage the damage

You never really can fix a heart

Then I put the microphone down and noticed I was crying. Then Ellen walked over to me and hugged me

Ellen: okay everyone that's the show

Then the lights went off. I ran backstage and ran into justin

Jaz: sorry

The I walked passed him

Jaz: hey jacky

Jacky: that was perfect

Jaz: thanks

Jacky: um Justin's walking over here

Then she turned around and left

Justin: hey Jaz

Jaz: hi *looking at my feet*

Justin: you didn't correct me

Jaz: what's the point

Justin: what's wrong

Jaz: dump me then you get cheated on and crawl back to me... Justin I know you're hurt but I'm not here to heal you

Justin: jazmine... That song you sang it because of me

Jaz: yes Austin tried to fix my heart that you broke but then he turned out to be a douche just like everyone else that's why I'm not falling in love, like your song right if I fall you will catch me but justin you caught me then dropped me when you saw someone else but when you get dropped you come back trying to catch me again but not anymore don't talk to me just leave me alone...

Justin: jazmine-

Jaz: I said bye justin

Then I caught up with jacky

Jaz: can you take me home

Jacky: okay

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