im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


35. my mission

I woke up to screaming downstairs. I walked downstairs and saw my dad about to punch my mom. My eyes grew 10x bigger, my dad got off my mom and walked over to me I backed up on one of my steps.

Dad: honey it's not what it seems

Jaz: you were about to punch my mother in the face

Dad: honey-

Jaz: I don't want to see your face

Then I ran upstairs. I went inside my bathroom took a shower and put on a shirt that say rebel and high waisted shorts and red converses. Then I wanted to brush my hair. I looked for my brush but ran across a razor....I grabbed it and put it in my back pocket. Then I heard objects falling and smashing and screaming. I ran downstairs and saw my mom bleeding from her shoulder and my dad had a gun in his hand

Jaz: daddy....why

Dad: because your mother was cheating on me when you were living with selena and justin.

Jaz: daddy you don't have to

Dad: jazmine....go away

Jaz: n-no

Dad: what did you just say

Then I straightened my back and looked in his eyes and said no firmly.

Dad: you don't know what is going on

Jaz: yes I do I fall in love to easily I trust everyone I f-forgive to easily!!!

Dad: lower your voice young lady

Then my mom moaned and my dad shot her in her other shoulder

Jaz: you are not my father

Dad: what I'm not your are not my were a mistake!!!!

Then I saw my mother laying in a puddle of blood getting bigger by the second.

I picked her up and took her to my room.

Jaz: mommy mommy stay with me

Mom:•chuckling• jazzy I'm not gonna die by your father shooting me in my shoulders

Jaz: you can by blood lost

Mom:how about you take me to the hospital

Jaz: okay but I'm bringing your credit card and stuff because I'm not coming back

Mom: honey what are you talking about

Jaz: I need a break from all this drama...justin dad just boys in general

Mom: okay but bring my wallet so I can rent a place

Jaz: okay

I went to my moms room my dad wasn't in there so I guess he went somewhere. I grabbed her wallet and some purses and then I grabbed a suitcase and filled it with her sweat shirts/pants hoodies shoes shorts shirts undergarments and a bag full of her personal items. Then I walked to my room and saw my mom bandaging her shoulders and then I through her a shirt and a jacket. Then I grabbed a suitcase and my purses I want with me then I filled it with clothes etc. and then I went to get some dad keeps my college money. Know I don't need it so I'm taking it with my credit and debit cards.

Jaz: come on mom!!!

Then she walked downstairs with her suitcase and then she grabbed her keys

Mom: I have a car for you

Then I turned and looked at her with a huge smile on my face

Jaz: what car?!?

Mom: oh nothing just a gray BMW

I ran outside and saw my car. I walked up to it and touched it. Then I realized that I was leaving my mom with my dad. I guess she read my mind because she said.

Mom:I'm leaving too I'm not staying with your dad

Jaz: oh okay

I walked inside and grabbed my stuff and put it in my new car

I went to my room and thought to myself. In this room I had memories good and bad.... Then my dad's words replayed in my mind you're not my daughter you were a mistake....yeah I'm a mistake then I grabbed the razor from my back pocket and cut myself. Slice 1 cut slice 2 cuts slice 3 cuts I cut and cut until there was a pool of blood on the floor. Then I realized I'm starting a new life. I'm gonna change for the good. I grabbed a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote justin a note


Hi justin when you get this I'm not going to be here..I'm starting over for good don't follow me okay oh and I don't know when I'm coming back so we are done like I said before I'm not forgiving trusting and falling to easy....bye justin

~jazmine or what you would say Jaz.

Then I noticed blood was all over the note but I didn't care. I folded it and went to give it to justin. I drove there and then rang the door bell. He answered and smiled

Justin: hey sorry I left you fell asleep and I didn't want to stay.

Jaz: it's fine

Justin: oh come in

Jaz: no I just wanted to give you this

I handed him the note kissed him and then hugged him for along time

Jaz: bye justin.

Then I walked to my car and drove to selena

About 15 minutes later

Selena: no you can't leave

Jaz: I want to start over

Selena: then I'm coming with you

Jaz: fine by me

She got up and packed then we left to Chicago......

Justin pov

I read the note over and over again.she was leaving to start a new life. The. The note had blood on it.....she was cutting. I know she was because she was covering her wrist. I decided to find her. I drove to Selena's house because I was going to need help. I rang the doorbell no one answered then again and again. Then I turned the knob and it was opened. I searched the house but no one was there. Then I knew she left with jazmine......

Then I knew my mission was to find jazmine and selena....

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