im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


43. like lightning

I pulled away and looked at him. Then backed up and lightly smiled.

Justin: I'm sorry your with Tyler I don't know

What came over me

Jaz: I forgive you but then I don't so I'm really confused

Justin: I understand

Then I saw selena Giana talia Bryson and Tyler standing there with their mouths wide open. Then Tyler walked over to us and punched Justin in the face. I ran infront of justin and stared Tyler in the eyes.

Tyler: move jazzy


Tyler: Bryson come get her

Jaz: no

Then Bryson stopped walking over to me

Tyler:BRYSON NOW!!!!!

He walked over to me and picked me up by my legs. Then Tyson started beating up justin. I started punching and scratching his back. Then I felt his hand on my ass then I was getting mad I bit his shoulder really hard. Then he let me go and I ran to get justin. I moved infront of Tyler once again then I started pushing him

Jaz: who•push•told•push•you•push•you •push•could•push•punch justin•push•

Tyler: he kissed you....

Jaz: you don't have to go and beat him up...look he's bleeding

I shook my head at Tyler and walked over to justin and helped him get up.

Justin:take me over to Tyler

We walked over Tyler and justin looked at him and spit blood on his shoes

Tyler: you gross piece of shit

Justin: well your girlfriend just kissed a piece of shit motherfucker!!

Jaz: come on justin

Giana: hey bitch

Then I stopped and turned around

Jaz: who are you talking to

Giana: you

Jaz: what the fuck do you want

Giana: a fight

Jaz: okay but not here

Giana: where

Jaz: easy at the house

Then justin walked over to me and whispered in my ear

Justin: you don't have too

Jaz: I can fight she can't

Giana: yes I can!!

Jaz: sure

Then I looked at justin

Jaz: I thought you couldn't walk

Justin: it was cute seeing you helping me

Jaz: really

Justin: yup

Then we walked out the studio and called jacky


Jaz: hey I'm with justin

Jacky: okay you can take my car

Jaz: I was

Jacky: of course you were!!?

Jaz: okay bye

Jacky: bye

End of convo

Jaz: you want to sit the front or back

Justin: front

Jaz: okay get it

I helped him get in. I don't even know why I'm helping him if he said he could walk.

Justin: you're really gonna fight her

Jaz: maybe

Justin: oh

Jaz: why

Justin: you're to beautiful to fight


We pulled up to the house and got out

Jaz: come justin you need a bath

Justin: I wanna shower

Jaz: fine

We walked to the bathroom and I got some clothes for him and got the first aid kit.

Justin: Jaz...


Justin:can you take a shower with me....


Then he cut me off

Justin: I won't look and it's only for you to help me clean my wounds.

Jaz: um fine but no looking

I got undressed in the closet away from justin then I came out and justin was in the shower. I got in and closed the shower door behind me.

Jaz: hi

Justin: hi is this awkward to you

Jaz: nope

I was telling the truth it wasn't awkward. It felt like I was our body was one I don't know it just felt normal. Then I looked in his eyes and he looked in mine.

Jaz: justin I love you

Justin: I love you too

Then we leaned in and we kissed for like 10 minutes. Then the doorknob moved and there was a knock. I looked at justin and he pointed down. Which meant me to kneel down and hide. I shook my head meaning no but then I gave in. I kneeled down and saw Justin's jerry. Justin looked down and smirked. The the door opened and the person spoke oh it was Giana

Giana: where's that skank

Justin: I don't know any skanks wait I do know one

Giana: where's that one at

Justin: oh easy it's she's standing by the tub

Giana: oh!!!! You little ass I am not a skank!!

Justin: sure

Then she left the bathroom. I stood up and looked at justin.

Jaz: really

Justin: what

Jaz: you got a bonner when you looked down at me

Justin: you're just so gorgeous and you touched it

Jaz: sorry

Justin: I'm not

Jaz: seriously it was just my hair

Justin: I know but can you massage it•pouting•

Jaz: nope

Then I got out the shower and put my clothes. I waited for justin to get out so I could clean his face. He got out and I cleaned him up. When I finished I gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then Giana walked in

Giana: there you are let's go

Jaz: let's go

Then we walked downstairs and I was on Justin's back

Justin: *shouting to everyone*okay im giving Jaz a special entrance!!

Selena: YAY!!


Then selena and Bryson clapped and then Tyler looked at Bryson and Bryson stopped. I walked up to Giana and smirked at her.


Then she through a punch but I dodged it then I punched her in her noise and in her stomach and she fell back and held her noise.

Giana: you win you win

Then justin picked me up and spun me around

Tyler: so I'm guess-

I cut him off

Jaz: we're done

Tyler: figured

Justin: she never even got to touch you you were like lightning!!!!!!!

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