im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


67. last first kiss

I woke up to selena jumping on the bed


Jaz: ugh 5 more minutes please....

Selena: NO it's 12:00 and laim is picking you up at 2!!

Jaz: wait we flew to boston

Selena: yeah you fell asleep when you got to the dressing room so when we were leaving justin picked you up and took you to the jet

Jaz: why did justin pick me up

Selena: jacky made him....okay enough chit chat go get ready oh and I'm doing your makeup and hair

Jaz: casual or fancy

Selena: he said wear a dress

Jaz: okay

I took a shower washed my face and washed my hair then I took out a dress that had pink at the bottom then on the top black floral lace then black heels and then selena came in and loose curled my hair then put on pink lipstick black mascara and foundation on me. She looked at me and nodded. I turned around and looked in the mirror

Jaz: ooo I look sexy!!!

Selena: that dress will be mine

Jaz: not in a million years

I looked at me phone it was 1:45

Jaz: when is he coming to get me

Selena: 1:50 because he made a reservation

Jaz: he's spending money on me!!!! No!!!!!

Then the door busted open and the whole gang looked through the door

Jacky: what's wrong


Then dawn and Danielle pushed their way to the front


Jaz: yes yes yes

Danielle: ooo I wanna get my hands on that

Jaz: bitch please you already stole justin from me

Justin: she wants another man!!!! She got nobody

Danielle: you did not just dump me

Justin: oh but I did you want another man

He walked out and then Danielle turned. Towards us

Danielle: well who has one of the boys number

Jacky: Danielle I'm sorry but you have to leave jazmines tour

Danielle: WHAT!!!

Jacky: we can't have a slut on this tour

Danielle: you can't have a slut on this have jazmine

Jaz: takes a slut to know one

Danielle: dawn you're gonna let her fire me and jazmine talk about me like that

Dawn: yes remember Jackson you stole him from bye Danielle and I'll see you in a couple of years

Danielle: couple of years

Dawn: I'm moving in with Jaz

Selena: okay jazzy Liam is here I told him to room

Then I heard a knock at the door I pushed everyone out the way and ran to the door I opened it

Liam: hey jazmine

Jaz: hi Liam

Liam: you look beautiful

Jaz: you look handsome

Liam: thank you

Jaz: thank you

Then he took my hand and then we heard aws behind us. We turned around and saw everyone behind us.

Selena: okay Jaz your bag it has extra makeup money and your phone

Liam: she doesn't need any makeup or money only her phone

Jaz: why not any makeup

Liam: because you're beautiful without it

Jaz: aw you're so sweet •giggling•

Liam: I love your giggle

I blushed and looked down he put his finger under my chin and looked in my eyes

Liam: you're so gorgeous

Selena: okay love bugs go and have fun LIAM drop her off before 12:00

Liam: yes ms.gomez

Selena: you heard that •pointing at me•

Jaz: yes mom now can we go

Selena: you may go


We pulled up and I looked around

Jaz: you did not spend this much money on me.....

Liam: yeah I did

Jaz: you didn't have to

Liam: first impressions last the longest

Jaz: so do last impressions....

Liam: come on let's eat

We got out the car and walked into the restaurant

Waitress: hi do you have a reservation

Liam: yes Liam

She looked over the paper and then nodded

Waitress: follow me

We followed her to a table and sat down

Liam: I hope you eat a lot

Jaz: well let's just say...I love steak burgers fries milkshakes skittles basically all the food a normal girl wouldn't eat

Liam: I like that wait no I don't like that I love that....

Jaz: really

Liam: yes I love everything about you

Jaz: how do you know everything about me •smiling•

Liam: did a little research

Jaz: oh my gosh I'm in love with a stalker

Liam: in love

Jaz: I said that didn't i •covering my mouth•

Liam: don't worry I'm in love with an angel


Liam blushed and I smiled

Jaz: I just made you blush

Liam: only you can

Jaz: oh really

Liam: yes •smiling•

Then the waitress came to take our order

Waitress: what can I get you to drink

Liam: can I get a sprite what do you want babe

Eeeeeee he called me babe

Jaz: um a coke please

Waitress: okay do you wanna order now or in just a minute

Liam: just a minute

She walked off and then I looked at Liam because he was staring at me

Jaz: may I help you •giggling•

Liam: hmmm I was wondering what a pretty girl like you wants to eat

Jaz: oooo I want Alfredo and garlic bread

Liam: I want that too

The waitress came back with our drinks then we ordered

Liam: can we get Alfredo and 2 garlic breads

Waitress: 1 plate

Liam: yes

She walked off about 20 minutes later she came back with our food I grabbed my fork but then Liam took my hand

Liam: one fork

Jaz: okay

He swirled the fork in the pasta and then fed me

Jaz: my turn

I did the same to him we repeated the process until there was 1 noodle left on the plate he picked one end up with his fingers and put it in his mouth I did the same and the we are the noodle until our lips touched sending sparks through my body we pulled away smiling

Liam: did you feel sparks

Jaz: yes you?

Liam: yes I wanna be your last first kiss

I pecked his lips and then we saw a flash. Then the waitress came back with the check he paid and we walked out

Liam: wanna tell them that were dating

Jaz: sure but if they attack us no

Liam: okay

We walked out hand and hand and of course they started pushing.

Liam: run

Jaz: Liam heels

He quickly took his shoes off and handed them to me I took mine off and put his shoes on. I ran in his shoes and he ran in his socks. We got in his car and drove away. I looked behind me and saw the paparrazzi following us in their ugly vans.

Jaz: they're following us

Liam: we can tell them at the hotel if you want

Jaz: okay

We pulled up in the hotel parking lot. We turned around and they rushed towards us

Pap: are you guys dating

Jaz: yes

Pap: can we get a picture of you guys kissing

Jaz: want to

Liam: your lips on mine you don't have to ask

I got on my tippy toes put my arms around his neck and he put his hands on my waist out lips touched sending sparks through my body we pulled away smiling

Pap: thanks and jazmine what happened to justin

Jaz: my heart doesn't belong to him

We turned around but the paparrazzi kept asking questions we ignored them and entered the hotel. We got to my room

Liam: that was an amazing date

Jaz: thank you so much...wanna stay over

Liam: if it's okay with selena

Jaz: she won't care

Liam: okay

I knocked on the door and selena opened it

Selena: it's 12:02 what took you so long

Jaz: paparazzi can LIAM stay over

Selena: sure

We walked in and then we went to my room

Liam: is it okay if I sleep in my boxers

Jaz: fine bye me

Liam: okay

he stripped and I just stared at him

Liam: like what you see

Jaz: yes I do

Liam: take a picture

I grabbed my phone and took a picture Jaz: now it's my wallpaper

He laughed and I went to change into short and a tshirt. I came out and saw him laying down on my bed. I got in bed and he wrapped his arm around my waist and we fell asleep

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