im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


60. I'm broken...

The concert ended and I walked off stage with Justin.

Jaz: justin why do we keep doing this

Justin: doing what

Jaz: fighting and then forgiving easily

Justin: because we love eachother

Jaz: but if we love eachother we won't break eachothers hearts...

Justin: what are you going on about

Jaz: I was just wondering

Justin: you are not going on about what I said to you because if you are don't believe what I said at all

Jaz: but justin you said it and I believe what you say....

Justin: Jaz stop being stupid you are not fat

Jaz: sure okay

Then I walked to my dressing room and changed clothes. I came out and saw justin

Justin: hey

Jaz: hi

Justin: you okay

Jaz: I guess

Then I saw pattie come in

Jaz: hi pattie

Justin: MOMMY!!!

He jumped up and ran into her arms. I looked down remembering my mother how she would hold me close and how she was strong and beautiful. Then I was took out of my thoughts by pattie

Pattie: honey it's gonna be alright Jacky's gonna take care of your monthers funeral. I nodded and walked out the room leaving justin and pattie standing there. I don't wanna be bothered right now. Everyone says it's gonna be alright...NO MY FUCKING FATHER DOESNT CARE ABOUT ME HE DOESNT BELIEVE IN ME MY MOTHER JUST DIED!!! No it's not alright nothing's alright nothing I'm all by self im just broken. Yeah yeah yeah I got justin jacky pattie etc but right now it's like he's drifting point he's happy then the next he's speaking his mind and then he's saying sorry but when he's speaking his mind it's like he means it really really means it!!! I'm broken....

Then I felt strong arms wrap around my waist I look behind me and see justin looked at me over my shoulder.

Justin: what are you thinking about?

Jaz: nothing...

Justin: it's something now spill it

Jaz: ugh...everyone says it's gonna be alright but my parents aren't even here and it's like everyone is just focused on what they have to do...they don't care

Justin: they care but they are just busy doing what's more important

Jaz: so job is more important than my mom passing away more important than how I feel

Justin: you're sounding selfish jaz

Jaz: your mom didn't just pass away your dad didn't say he doesn't believe in you your boyfriend doesn't think YOUR FAT...Justin

Justin: I told you your not fat and I didn't mean it like that

Jaz: yes you know what justin I'm done you never mean what you say when you know it hurts one's a bunch of bullshit!!!

Then I stormed off ignoring everyone. I walked outside ignoring the paps. Then I felt a hand take my hand and pull me back I looked behind me and saw justin with a few of girls

Jaz: justin what are you doing

Justin: you're fans and I want you to be happy

Jaz: don't bring them in this...please don't

I looked at them and one of them stepped forward and grabbed my hand

Fan: jazmine I don't want you to be sad when you cry I wanna cry when you smile I wanna smile you are my inspiration I want you to be happy.....

I smiled at her and at the other fans then I hugged them and turned around and kept walking well tried to I was pulled back by my waist and spun around

Justin: I need you jazmine

I looked down at my feet not looking at him in his eyes

Justin: please jazmine look at me

I kept looking at my feet and then he put his finger under my chin and lifted my face

Justin: jazmine I'm in love with are my one and only my are worthy of all the love in the world jazmine please I need you we need eachother...

Jaz: justin I can''s to much going on to much pressure

He looked at me in my eyes and then nodded. I saw tears form in his eyes and he then walked away I turned around kept walking. I don't know where I was going but I needed to have some time to myself. I looked around and saw a Starbucks I walked in and ordered at strawberry smoothie then I sat down put my headphones in and ignored the world. About 15 minute later I was tapped on my shoulder I looked back and saw jacky. She smiled and sat infront of me. I pulled out my headphones and looked at her and gave her my best fake smile.

Jacky: how are things

Jaz: great

Jacky: no their not

Jaz: justin told you

Jacky: no I could tell in your've been crying

Jaz: no one cares.

Jacky: yes we do

Jaz: nope justin doesn't it doesn't seem like you do-

She cut me off

Jacky: if I didn't care I wouldn't be here talking to you about your feelings Jaz.

Jaz: if justin cared he would be here

Jacky: he tried to talk to you but you pushed him push everyone away jazmine

Jaz: no I don't...and how did I push him away

Jacky: he tried to talk to but you pushed him away..he needs you

Jaz: I need him more than he needs me

Jacky: you guys need eachother

Jaz: if he needs me where is he...he's not her jacky where is he where jacky where

Jacky: he's at the tour bus crying his eyes out because he lost you

Jaz: he didn't loose me jacky loosin someone is never seeing them again...I LOST SOMEONE JACKY I LOST MY FUCKING MOTHER!!!

Jacky: your mom is always with you

Jaz: yeah but I want her by my side smiling laughing believing in me jacky

Jacky: I know jazmine you want her here by your side but she's in your heart making you stronger...she's your angel jazmine

Then I started to cry I tried to wipe the tears away but they just kept coming

Jacky: let's get you to the tour bus

I got up and jacky hugged me tightly and took my hand. We got to the tour bus. I got in and went straight to my room I went inside my bathroom and cleaned my face. Then I out my pjs on and climbed into bed then I heard the door open. I didn't bother looking I just stared at nothing. Then I felt the bed dip and an arm wrap around my waist and Justin's voice in my ear

Justin: jazzy baby no matter what you think I love you with all my heart you are my one and only my world my soulmate jazmine I love you I need you I believe in you

Then he sang to me I fell asleep to his soothing voice...

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