im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


12. I feel your pain

Grace pov:

I woke up with Justin's arm around my and my cheeky stained with tears. I moved then justin woke up screaming jasmines name.

Grace: she's still not out...

Justin: I know I got up like 30 minutes ago

Grace: come on we have to go eat

Justin: I'm okay I'm not hungry

Grace: okay

I knew he was hungry he just wanted jasmine by his side

15 minutes later

Me and justin we're talking about how Jaz made us laugh and how pretty and wonderful she was when the doctor came out.

Justin: good news

Grace: or bad news

Doctor: let me tell you JAZMINE IS A MIRACLE!!!

Then justin jumped up

Justin: what do you mean

Doctor: the bullet missed her heart by 5 centimeters

Justin: no way

Doctor: way and she's stable now you can come see her

Justin grabbed my arm and pulled me to Jazmines. Room

Jaz pov

I woke up in the hospital and saw justin and grace walk in.

Justin: hey baby

Jaz: I'm alive

Justin: yes and I'm glad you are

Jaz: is Ryan okay

Justin: yup you were shaking and missed his heart you hit his shoulder

Jaz: okay but- cut off by justin

Justin: yes he's going to jail.

Jaz: you knew what I was going to say!

Justin: I basically have your brain,feelings, when you were shot I felt a pain in my chest and my head started to hurt when you're head hit the floor.

Jaz: I love you so much! And I missed you

Justin: I missed you too.

Then I saw grace

Jaz: hey bitch come give me a hug

She gave me a hug

Grace: I miss you so SO so so much and Justin Wouldn't eat!!

Jaz: you wouldn't eat

Justin: snitch and no I didn't have an appetite

Grace: aw well

Justin: but now I can eat

Jaz: when do we get out

Justin: tomorrow

Jaz: okay

The. I felt myself doze off

Justin: goodnight baby

Giving me a kiss on my forehead

I woke up and heard grace talking to justin

Grace: um justin I like you

Justin: as a friend

Grace: no more

Justin: I'm sorry I do t like you like that

Grace: why not you


Then they walked to the bed and I felt Justin's eyes on me.

Grace: she won't know please just one kiss please or a make out session?!

Justin: no

Then I opened my eyes a tiny bit and the grace kissed him he loomed at her a pushed her away

Justin: I don't like you you skank!!!!

I opened my eyes and saw grace look at me and smile

Grace: hey Besty how did you sleep

Jaz: great until you woke me up by kissing my boyfriend

Grace: what no he kissed me he moved on me

Jaz: nope I saw the whole entire thing

Grace: no you didn't

Justin: I swerve Jaz I didn't do anything

Jaz: I know I was watching you pushed her off of you I love you now grace get your whore ass out of my house and my room!!!

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