im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


80. Forever and always

We sat down in our seats and cuddled up.  Jaz: justin... Justin: yes  Jaz: we just got going to spend the rest of my life with my high school crush Justin: all of high school since 9th grade  Jaz: no 10th i didnt know anyone besides grace in 9th grade  Thinking of hogh school brings back memories bad and good. We got cozy and fell asleep  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ jaz: this is huge  Justin: do you like it  Jaz: do i like it...i love it!!!  We just walked into the hotel room and theres a red heart bed a chandiler wine all that jazz. I ran to the bathroom and saw that the tub was full with water roses bubbles. It was perfect justin walked in and smiled  Justin: im glad you like it, it tool forever to get it all organized and paid for  I looked at him and smiled  Jaz: oh god we're hopeless romantics  Justin: that we are so now lets strip and take a bubble bath  Jaz: and you are a kid at heart  He chuckled and we stripped and i got in first because justin went to get something. Hecamebqck with his phone, speakers, glasses and wines. He put on pandora and beyonce's "drunk in love" came on i started to hum to the song and justin came in with the glasses full with wine. Once we finished the wine we talked laughed and made out mainly making out. Drunk in love became our song tonight because we started grindng on eachother and moaning seductivly. We got out of the tub dried off and then justin picked me up and Carried me to the bed. He grabbed a condom and then we got it on  (not going into details)  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ justin: whoa okay that was amazing  Jaz: waiting really made us horny  Justin looked at me and kissed my nose  Justin: i love you  Then we both said "forever and always" i giggled and nuzzled into justins chest, hearing his heart beat  Jaz: justin  Justin: yes  Jaz: what about the beliebers  Justin: they havent sent any hate to you when i asked to marry you so they wont now  Jaz: well yeah they have....been going on for a couple of months  Justin: couple of months give me you phone.  I handed him my phone and watched him put in my code and search for twitter  Justin pov~~~~~  I logged onto her twitter and i saw a bunch of hate from my believers the once that said if im happy then theyre happy. I read some  Unbroken: ha @jazmineA justin must be blind cus u look lik a fucking donkey bitch  FvckjazmineA: Oh, yeah. and she's plastic. What more can you ask for? Just dump the fake slim. She's a fat glutton pig. Duh. #HateJazmine @jazmineA I handed jazmine her phone back because i couldnt read anymore even if it was 2 tweets my beliebers are sending hate to my wife...  Jas pov  I lay down putting my phone under my pillow and trued to get to sleep. I looked at justin and he was asleep but had a tear roll down his eye i wiped it away and kissed his cheek Jaz: i love you forever and always It was 12:37 and i still couldnt get to sleep i heard my phone buzz and it was a nonification from twitter i opened the app and read the tweet Suckjerry: OMG @jazmineA do u realize no one loves you. Your dad beat you your mom prob told the doc to pull the plug so she wont hve to c u nd no wonder justin keeps cheating on u your a SLUT I kept reading it over and over all of a sudden i felt sick i took justins arm off of me and ran to the restroom. I knelt down and started throwing up then justin came and held my haur back Justin: baby what happened  I shook my head and let tears fall  Justin: jazmine what happened  I mumbled "twitter" and threw up again. He walked out the bathroom and came back with my phone and his. He reas the tweet and shook his head he went on his phone and fyped something and put our phone on the sink counter  Justin: why didnt you tell me Jaz: didnt want you to worry  Justin: im always gonna worry about you baby  I nodded and flushed the toilet and went to brush my teeth. We went back to bed and i finally went to sleep  ~~~~DREAM~~~~~ I looked around and saw a feild full of daisies my moms favorite flower. I then saw a figure walk upto me i smiled and ran to mom  Jaz: mommy!!!!!  I hugged her and she hugged back  Mom: i missed you  Jaz: i miss you too i wish you couldve been at the wedding  Mom: oh honey i was i was standing right by you looking at your beautiful face  I smiled but then my mom frowned  Mom: the beliebers.... Jaz: yeah them  I let more tears fall down my face  Mom: dont listen to them your perfect strong and youre an i have a gift for you i want you to wear it  Jaz: mom i cant im having a dream  Mom: honey youre not having a dream you are in the middle of earth and heaven angels come here and meet their family and friends  Jaz: then why did you wait so long  Mom: you didnt need me but now you do  I nodded abd i saw my mom pull out a necklace and bracelet i tirned around and let her put it on me i looked at it and it had writing saying my angel Mom: open it  I opened the necklace and it had a picture of my mom and then she put the bracelet on my and it was engraved "My dreamer" i smiled and looked at my mom Jaz: im gonna write a song for you promise  Mom: you dont need to  Jaz: yes i do i love you mommy Mom: i love you to buttercup  I smiled  Jaz: i'll see you soon at the golden gates  Mom: no youll see me here youre not have a family to create •rubbing my stomach• Jaz: what  My mom nodded  Mom: youre having a baby and let me tell you they are beautful  Jaz: they how many Mom: 3 one boy two girls  I jumped into my moms arms and higged her tight  Jaz: will me and justin last  Mom: thats for you to find out  Jaz: mommmmmyyyy •whining• she giggled and nodded  Mom: youll last a lifetime  I giggled and hugged her again and kissed her cheek then i heard my name being called  Jaz: mom  Mom: ill see you soon  Jaz: i dont wanna go  Mom: you have to justins trying to wake you up  I groaned and nodded  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ i sat up in my bed and looked at justin  Jaz: we need to go to the store  Justin: why wait where did you get that Necklace and bracelet from  Jaz: my mommy  Justin: what  Jaz: she visisted me in my dream told me about ouf future and we need to go to the store  Justin: ok ok ~~~~~~~~STORE~~~~~~~~~ jaz: hi excuse me where are the pregnacy test  The girl looked up at me and justin and started freaking out  Jaz: okay calm down calm down we'll take pictures and stuff once we get what we need  She nodded and walked us to aisle 9 i grabbed one and gave her money and she walked to the cash register And then she took out her phone and we took like 6 pictures And then we left  Justins eyes were bulging out of his head  Jaz: im not sure yet dont freak out  Justin: we're having a baby!!!!!!  He smiled at me and kissed me  Justin: were having A BABY!!!!!!! I giggled And nodded ~~~~<~~~<<~<~<~
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