im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


21. dude you're scaring her

Justin pov

I kept driving but every once and I while I would look at Jaz through the mirror. Then I realized we needed gas. I stopped at the gas station and put the gas in the car then walked inside the store. I walked out about 10 minutes later.

Chaz: what's in the bag

Justin: nothing for you

Selena: are we almost there

I looked in the back and saw Jaz holding her wrist

Justin: yes the place is around the corner

I drove around the corner and parallel parked.

Justin: everyone get out except for Jaz

Selena: I'm not leaving her here by herself

Justin: okay whatever

I grabbed the rubbing alcohol and the band aids and cleaned her wrist and put them on.

Then we walked inside. I walked to Chaz and hung out.

Jaz pov

For one I really didn't know it was a mansion and I want to go in the pool!! I'm so weird then I turned to selena

Selena: so why aren't you hanging out with justin

Jaz: because he is going to get drunk then kiss a random girl and then punch someone or something then I'm going to freak out.

Selena: don't be scared he might have changed

Jaz: no one changes in 1 day matter of fact it wasn't even 1 day it was like 8 hours!!!

Selena: but you said he changed

Jaz: I know I wanted to fall in love like we did in school....

Selena: Jaz come on he won't do anything to you

Jaz: what if he kissed me that would bring back that night when he.......

Selena: kissed you then stabbed you in the back

Jaz: yup

Selena: make sure he doesn't

Then I bumped into someone

Jaz: justin

Justin: it's fine you wanna hang out

Jaz: I'm fine I'm just gonna be with selena

Selena: no you're not I found I hot guy. Checking. Me out!!

Then she ran to him

Jaz: well then hi

Justin: hey so....

Jaz: so....

Justin: we need to talk

Jaz: not right now

Justin: yes now

Jaz: fine......just because in scared of you when you get mad

Justin: I'm not going to hurt you

Jaz: you said that when we first started dating

Justin: i know....

Jaz: why didn't you beat Ariana

Justin: yes I did

Jaz: nope Ryan did not you you never touched her.

Justin: fine because-

Then I heard Ariana's voice from behind me

Ariana: hey babe who are you-

Then she stopped talking when I turned around

Jaz: babe when did this happen

Justin: well when you and selena were at the mall I came looking for you-

Jaz: stop lying

Justin: fine when I first started beating you and selena

Jaz: oh okay bye now

Justin: wait we have to talk

Jaz: nope you and Ariana have to talk and do whatever y'all do okay bye bye

Justin: ummm

Justin pov

She didn't even seem hurt. I guess she doesn't love me anymore.

Ariana: okay how was that

Justin: good job

Ariana: so I get paid tomorrow right

Justin: yup

Yes if you guessed it then you're right!! I paid Ariana to pretend to be my girlfriend to make jazmine jealous... Then I heard everyone counting down

Everyone: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Then I saw jazmine kiss......Chaz. Chaz's face turned red so did hers

Then he whispered in her ear and she nodded her head meaning yes

Jaz pov

Everyone: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Then me and Chaz kissed!!! Oh my gosh it was perfect there were sparks and everything. Our lips were moving together oh my gosh!! Then he leaned in my ear

Chaz: would want to go on a date with me

Then I nodded my head. Me and Chaz were smiling like idiots

Chaz pov

I know justin likes her but he abused her so it's my turn she's beautiful she has a wonderful heart and she can sing and she she she's just perfect!!

Then I asked her would she go on a date and she said yes!! Score for Chaz!!! Then I saw justin storming at Jaz

Jaz pov

Justin: what the fuck was that

The. I started to get scared and freak out. I started hyperventilating.

Chaz: dude your scaring her she's gonna pass out

Then everything went black......


Sorry if it was short to you but I promise in gonna update more today and tomorrow!!!! I love you guys mwauh😘😍 lol


Wait should I change my username?!? If you think I should give me some ideas!! Please please

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