im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


78. bitch prt 2

I saw him walk on stage and then come closer to me justin tightened his grip around me and clenched his jaw

Jill: look justin protective mode has been activated!!!

I looked at Jill and mentally sent daggers into her face. This bitch did not just bring Liam on stage. Liam walked up to me and touched me

Jaz: get your filthy ass hands off of me

Liam: well hi to you to

Justin glared at him probably yelling profanity In his mind.

Justin: let's go

We got up and walked off stage. Jacky ran to us and hugged me

Jacky: I'm so so sorry about all that mess about yesterday and all that shit I was saying I'm sorry

Jaz: it's okay but did you know he was gonna be here

Jacky: no I had no idea

I nodded and saw Jill run over to me

Jill: Jaz come on the show isn't over

Jaz: no I'm not going on that stage with him

Jill: he just wants to talk

I looked at justin

Jaz: come on

He huffed and we walked back on stage. But this time I didn't sit down I stood behind justin (he was sitting down)

Jill: okay Liam what do you have to say

Liam: well I want to say sorry to jazmine, and all the women I made mad and my fans...I've lost a lot of fans and respect from the women such as family members,friends etc

I just looked at him and shook my head

Jaz: you should have been thinking about losing fans and respect when you beat the hell out of me!!

Jill: don't you think you're being a little harsh

Jaz: oh I'm being a little harsh, yeah I'm the one that beat someone for 3 months over pity shit, yup I'm the harsh one

Jill: I don't see any bruises

I walked over to her

Jaz: you want to see my bruises

Jill: yes I would

I pulled my shirt up showing my stomach

Jaz: now bitch, do you see bruises

Jill: okay Liam did you want to sing

I rolled my eyes at her and sat on Justin's lap. He started to rub my back and whispered calm in my ear. I nodded and took his hand.

Jill: jazmine we need you to sit down in the chair on stage

I looked at justin and he nodded I kissed his cheek and walked to the chair. I sat down and watched Liam walk over to me and he started to sing "little things" while he was singing I was looking at the ground. He kept lifting my chin and making look into his eyes. He finally stop singing and he was still looking in my eyes I tried to look down at the ground but he was still holding my chin but he wasn't gentle he was squeezing it. I snatched my chin from him and got off the chair

Jaz: don't ever touch me!!!

I felt him turn me around and before I knew it he crashed his lips into mine. I pulled away and slapped him.

Jaz: you filthy bastard

I stormed off stage and went to the dressing room. I heard a knock on the door

Jaz: go away

The person kept knocking

Jaz: go away

They kept knocking,and I knew who it was justin

Jaz: justin what do you want

Justin: my jazzy bear...

I rolled my eyes and opened the door. He tackled me with a hug and the he was about to kiss me but he looked around the room until he spotted what he was looking for. He walked over to the tissue box and grabbed one then walked over to me and wiped my lips.

Justin: that's better

Jaz: goof ball

We smiled and justin leaned down towards me and connected our lips. Our lips moved together then he licked my bottom lip and i denied. He pulled away in shock

Justin: my tongue wanted to dance with yours

Jaz: AWWW to bad

I smiled and he smirked then he picked me up and tossed me on the couch and started to tickle me I started to laugh and then I felt Justin's tongue in my mouth. He put his elbows by my side and he laid on top of me. Then the door burst open. Me and justin turned our heads and there was Liam red as hell.


The cameras were now in the hall recording us

Jaz: why did you kiss me

I'm surprised I said that calmly

Liam: because I still love you

Jaz: ha that's funny...that's a lie

Liam: no it's not

Jaz: yes it is if you love someone you don't abuse them, and I thought you said you hated me and was jealous of me because my world is perfect

Liam: yeah I know but-

Jaz: but nothing I didn't deserve hold up no women in the world deserves to be abuse physically or mentally

Liam: I kno-

Jaz: no you don't, do you know how my mom died

Liam: no

Jaz: my dad beat her, he beat her so bad she was in a coma she came out the coma but she still wasn't recovered she died she died Liam she made a stupid mistake and tried to work it out but my dad didn't want to SHE DIED BECAUSE OF BEING ABUSED!!!!

Liam: I'm sorry

Jaz: what if I died because of you

Liam: I wouldn't be able to look at myself in the mirror

Jaz: that's what I thought

I shook my head and all those memories with my mom started to come back I started to cry

Justin: it's okay it's okay

Liam: I'm really really really sorry

I nodded and looked at him

Jaz: okay okay

Liam: do you forgive me

I nodded he ran to me and tried to hug me but I put my hand on his chest

Jaz: not so fast

He slumped his shoulders and looked at me.

Jaz: say sorry to justin

Liam looked at justin and back at me

Liam: not gonna happen

Jaz: well then get out

Liam: ugh fine..I'm sorry for trying to screw you and jazmine's relationship up.

Justin: forgiven, but if you look at her in any inappropriate manner I will kick you ass.

Liam nodded and looked at me

Liam: hug

Jaz: no you will not touch me until the bruises you made go away

He groaned and said "fine"

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