im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


3. auction

Jazmine pov

Mr.robin: okay guys through out your price and say the bid number 

Then ryan shouted out $50 bid 12 which was me

Justin:$150 bid 12 

Ryan:$200 bid 12 

Then a jock named travis yelled out $100 bid 11 which was grace 

Grace:oooo hotty!!

Justin:$400 bid 12 

Then ryan whispered something to justin

Justin pov

Ryan: *whispering* im gonna win just watch me 

Then i mouthed he may win jaz 

The she mouthed okay

I knew she was disappointed then ryan yells out 

$2000 bid 12!!!! 

Mr robin: going once going twice SOLD TO RYAN BUTLER!!!!! 

Then he ran on the stage and grabbed jaz and took her backstage 

Mr robin sold every girl i bought grace because she mouthed i can help you buy me then i bought her she only cost $500 dollars i had put up a fight with travis for her. 

We went backstage and i saw ryan telliing jaz to sit on his lap and she did as She was told. I saw his hand go up her shirt and the she jumped and looked at him. 

Justin: hey ryan 


Justin:can We talk in private 


Justin:i know you only want jaz for a slave you already probably told her to do something and then she said no then you hit her 

Ryan: well you my game well justin 

Justin:yes i do and i will get jaz one way or another 

Then he  walked away and left with jaz



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