im jazmine and well youre about to read my story about how i was bullied bought and yes bought like you buy a toy at the toy store..... read more to find out.


45. actress

I woke up to laughing,running,and music. I'm guessing they are having a party I walked downstairs and saw selena justin Tyler Bryson Tia and Giana having a good time. You may be thinking I thought you Tyler Giana and Justin are not friends anymore well we made up and all that crap.

Justin: hey sleepy head

Jaz: when did I fall asleep

Justin: when I sang to you

Jaz: oh

I walked in the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water. I opened it drank some and placed it on the counter. I opened the fridge and loomed for food. There was none as usual.

Jaz: did anyone order anything

Selena: nope

Jaz: really

I grabbed the house phone and called Pizza Hut

Person: hi what would you like

Jaz: can I have 2 cheese pizzas and 1 pepperoni and a bottle of coke

Person: okay delivery or pick up

Jaz: delivery

Person: it will be there in 20 minutes

Jaz: thank you

Person: welcome bye

I walked in the living room and everyone was still dancing. I sat down on the couch and watched them.

Selena: come on you know your a party animal

Jaz: I don't wanna

Justin: you have too!!!

Jaz: nope

Selena: what time is it

Justin: uh 8:30

Selena: Jaz go get ready

Jaz: why

Selena:we are having guest over

Jaz: casual or fancy

Selena: casual friends are coming

Jaz:and you didn't tell me sooner

Justin: sorry it was last minute

I ran upstairs took a shower washed my face picked out a red tank top a black jean jacket

And black shorts and my red converses. Then I put in some lipgloss. Then I heard the door bell rang. I ran downstairs and opened the door . I bunch of people came in and started dancing and drinking.

~30 minutes later~

Bryson: hey jazmine there's no more drinks

Jaz: tell justin


Justin pov

Bryson came over to me and told me we need more drinks. I wonder how damn these people thirsty.

Justin: go tell selena

Bryson: fine but you're coming with me

Justin: whatever

We walked to selena

Bryson: we need drinks

Selena: I'm not leaving by myself

Bryson: you got justin

Justin: what

Selena: come on

We walked out the house and got In my car

Selena: hurry up

Justin: don't rush

I drove to the store and got vodka and some soda.

Selena: ugh I don't wanna go back to the party

Justin: you just told me to hurry up

Selena: I know q

Justin: ugh your so difficult

Then selena reached in the bag and grabbed the vodka.

Justin: put it back

Selena: nope

She took like 5 gulps and she was drunk I arrived at the house and took her to her room.

Selena: justin justin justin

Justin: yes selena

Selena: I-i-i

Justin:you what

Selena: I love you

Justin: I'm dating your best friend

Then she grabbed my face and brang it close to hers and kissed me....

It felt wrong and right her lips connected with mine we moved in sync and our bodies touched. I pulled away and looked in her eyes. Wait hold up she wasn't even drunk!!!

Justin: you're not even drunk

Selena: bingo

Justin: I forgot you were a great actress

Selena: you forgot many things then

Justin: I guess I did

Selena: let's finish this somewhere else

Justin: what

Selena:bumping and grinding

Justin: are you sure

Selena: positive

Justin: um okay fine

We went downstairs and told Bryson and Tyler we were going to get more drinks and food.

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