Little Black Dress

Dani is a 20 year old girl, going on 21. On her birthday, she gets a surprise she never thought she'd get. Three VIP passes and tickets to One Direction's concert in Holmes Chapel, UK, where her and her friends live. Will this big night turn out a disaster, or will it lead to something wonderful? Join Dani in her adventure with her friends and One Direction.


9. Practice Room and Hunting


   "Ummm, Well Hi!" Oh my fucking gosh... that was quite embarrassing. The first one to say hello back was Louis. Oh my gosh...,"Welcome to our practice room!" he said to us. Allie asked me in a whisper, "Dude, do you see Harry in here?'' I shook my head and then asked in a cheerful voice,"So, where is Harry?" "Ooh, we don't know. You guys could help us find him. Well, that is if you want to help." said Liam. "Oh! We would love to!" replied Emily. I got my Twitter out then took a pic of the action. My caption stated, " In 1D'S Practice Room @ their concert!" Time to start huntin' for Harry.

    The hunt started at least 12 minutes ago and still no sign of Harry. I can tell the boys were getting worried and Allie was sensing something. Allie started to look in those empty rooms until she found the last door. She opened the last one and as I expected...... No Sign of Harry. I said as I ran out of breath, "WE HAVEN'T CHECKED IN ONE PLACE."We ran back to the dressing rooms and knocked on Harrys door. I think we were surprised to see that Harry was texting someone named Maddie and their was a heart next to her name. "What ya doing mate?" Niall asked him. Harry jumped out of his chair."N-nothing. Why?'' "Well it looks like your texting someone, whoever Maddie is." "Hey, its not what it looks like." "Its exactly what it looks like." whispered Allie. She then ran crying out of his dressing room. I followed.


                                                                   AUTHORS NOTE

               Sorry for ANOTHER short chapter gtg to bed!  niall's pizza xx

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