Little Black Dress

Dani is a 20 year old girl, going on 21. On her birthday, she gets a surprise she never thought she'd get. Three VIP passes and tickets to One Direction's concert in Holmes Chapel, UK, where her and her friends live. Will this big night turn out a disaster, or will it lead to something wonderful? Join Dani in her adventure with her friends and One Direction.


12. im back for a bit


I'm back for a bit.

but im done with this movella bc i feel like ive moved on from all this one direction shit.

I feel like their going to break up soon, so what's the point?

Zayn left already, all the boys probably are too busy with girls and sex and other shit, 

and my friends and i dont have fangirl feelings for them anymore

Therefore, I am gravely sorry if any of you were looking forward to the future of this story.

I'm proud of how far this story has come with over 300 views

I'm proud of how far we've come


and that's why if someone wants to continue this story, be my guest.

The first person who wants to be co-author will be the co-author.

My gift to you for support.

i feel so bad for everyone who gave up hope by always commenting "update"

You all are forever in my hearts.

Thank you,


                 Niall's pizza, now Totorowho aka dani

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