Little Black Dress

Dani is a 20 year old girl, going on 21. On her birthday, she gets a surprise she never thought she'd get. Three VIP passes and tickets to One Direction's concert in Holmes Chapel, UK, where her and her friends live. Will this big night turn out a disaster, or will it lead to something wonderful? Join Dani in her adventure with her friends and One Direction.


8. Eggs and Paul Higgins


  I woke up after Dani did. I walked into the kitchen to her making breakfeast. "What cha' making?" I asked her. "Scrambled eggs and Toast, why?" "Just curious." I walked back to Dani's room and got dressed. I Skyped Allie and Jenna to see how they were. "Hey, we saw your vid last night." "Ya, nice job. Hey, wheres Dani?" Jenna asks. I point to the kitchen and she nods her head. "Ok, I'll leave you alone, so you can get ready!" "Ok, bye!" they scream at the same time, and I dont like those creepy twin things.



  Emily ran out of my room screaming, "HURRY UP!!! ALLIE AND JENNA ARE READY!" Im glad my parents arent home because they would have kicked her out of here. I ran to my room to get to get ready. Threw my 1D shirt over my tanktop and put jeans on. Grabbed my things and walked out the door with Emily.



  Me and Jenna have been waiting a long time for Dani and Emily to get here. It has almost been 2 hours since Emily called us.They had finally arrived. Dani was wearing her usual beanie and Emily with her hair up. We hopped in Dani's car and she turned on bluetooth to 1D and 5SOS. 5SOS were their openning act this year. We stopped at Starbucks and we all got a cotten candy frappe. THEY TASTED SO GOOD.



  When we got in the stadium we ran as fast as we can to the guards. I think Allie saw Paul because she screamed,"PAUL FREAKING HIGGINS!!!" Instead of the ordinary guards, we showed Paul our passes. Allie asked him, "CAN I HUG YOU?" He nodded his head. "Oo, Thank you!" Paul told us they were in the practice room. We headed over there and when we got there we knocked on the door. Zayn answered he looked back at everyone else in the room. There was an awkward gap of silence for a while when finally dani said, "Ummm. Well hi!"

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