Luck or Love?

Crystal and her best friend Karlie got tickets to go to one directions meet and greet and their concert. While they are there many special things happen was it luck or love? Hope you enjoy!


1. lucky business

We arrived at the hotel at 8:00 pm exhausted from our 8 hour car ride. We headed straight towards the girls bathroom while my mom checked us in. Karlie, my best friend, shoved me out of the way to get to the bigger stall. I just laughed and went to the other small one. We looked in the mirror to fix our make up and a couple minutes later my mom walked in and said "let's go get our rooms we need to get settled in" we followed my mom up to the 15th floor. Me and karlie had a separate room across the hall from my mom. She gave us our room keys and we pulled our luggage inside and unpacked. We got in our pajamas and we each had our own bed and we went to sleep because we needed to get up early in the morning to get ready for the one direction concert and meet and greet. "Crystal, I'm so so so excited for tomorrow I can't even explain it." Said karlie. I laughed and said "I know me neither. Just go to sleep and I'll set the alarm for 6:00am" karlie replied back "okay, night sweet dreams!"

The next morning my alarm went off at 6:00am. I hit snooze for 5 minutes but before we knew my mom was already up knocking at the door. I got up and unlocked the door. "Just checking to make sure you girls are up" she said. "Ugh yea we are up" karlie said rolling over on the bed.

I ran across the hotel room and shook karlie to make her get up " karlie it one direction get up!" I yelled. She jumped straight up and she went straight to the shower. I went across the hall and took a shower in my moms room. After we both got out we got dressed and went to the mirror to put on our makeup.

We were finally ready and my mom drove us downtown. In the car we were jammin' to one direction when suddenly my mom turned the radio off as her phone was ringing she answered it and by the way she talked I could tell it was business. "Okay thank you so much, bye" she said into the phone and hung up. "Who was that mom?" I asked. She pulled the car into an empty parking lot. "I'm really sorry girls but that was my manager and I have to fly into Florida tomorrow for a very important meeting and we have to leave to go back home very soon." She said. "What?! Mom please tell me you mean you have to go back home not we!" I said. "No I'm sorry I can't just leave you two here alone." She said. "Mom you can't do this to us it's our only chance to meet one direction and we already bought tickets! We are almost 18 we can stay alone. You can leave us your credit card. Mom you can trust me pleaseeee!" I said with tears in my eyes. "Well.... I guess it would be a lot easier for me. But you would have to called my every night because I'm not going to be back until a week or so." She said "yes mom I will! Thank you so so much!" I said. "You're welcome sweetie. The limit on my card that you can spend is $2,000 for food and clothes and anything you need no more than that though!" She said "okay okay mom thanks so much!" I said.

My mom dropped us off at a car rental place and she paid for the car for a week then she left and headed back to the hotel to get her stuff packed to leave. I grabbed the keys to our rental car and we headed straight for Starbucks to get coffee. I looked at the time and it was 9:00am and we would go to the meet and greet at 2:00pm. So we have plenty of time to shop.

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