His Slave

It's High school. It's were hate rises. But being a Freshman and sophomore Is the worst thing possible because Freshman and sophomore girls get to be slaves for the guys and do anything they want. I mean anything. It's not fair at all exposing girls like this but what you gonna do?


11. Pretend its ok

*Ashely's p.o.v*

Zayn stumbled in the house all beaten up and the stench of cigarettes and liquor. I walked slowly to him and when his gaze caught mine I stopped. His face said it all. He looked so soft and broken not like his usual self. I stepped closer to him but he only backed away. Like he was afraid of me or to hurt me. But that couldn't possibly be it. He just stopped moving all together his eyes rolled to the back of his head then collapse on the floor. I ran to him and started to shake him. "Zayn?!" I said. He didn't even move or twitch. I started to panic and screamed out his name. Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis came running along with their slaves. They stopped when they saw Zayn passed out on the floor. "DONT JUST STAND THERE DO SOMETHING!!!!" I screamed at them. Even though he made me cry and hurt me that still doesn't mean that I cant care for him as a friend. I'm the type of person that can forgive but never forget. Niall lifted me to my feet while the others carried Zayn to the couch. Liam checked his pulse and shook his head. "We have to take him to the hospital. He barely has a pulse." Liam informed us. I violently shook in Niall's arms. I buried my head in his chest as I silently cried. The other girls were surrounding me it was going to be ok. The girls are actually very sweet and kind to me since I'm new to this. We all went to the car and put Zayn in safely then piled into the van the drove.We got to the hospital in within minutes as the doctors quickly took Zayn. I felt like I was gonna puke if he didn't make it. Even though he treats me like crap I still care. I can't believe Im admitting this, but I care about him a lot! I cant help it. Theres something about him that makes me want to hug him tight. I couldnt believe what I was thinking. Zayns been a jerk to me for the longest and I actually care? Why do I always care for the people who dont deserve it? Why was I like that? I was interrupted by thought.

"It will be okay Ash" he said gently placing a kiss on my forehead. We went inside and called for help. "Hello!! We need assistance like asap!!" Louis said. About 4 to 5 nurse came with a stretcher and lifted Zayn up then put him on the stretcher and rode him away. I really hope Zayn is fine and will be ok.


A/N: Hi guys so I hope you like this chappie both me and Jenni worked on this chappie. Comment what you think. The question is: Will Zayn be ok?!

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