His Slave

It's High school. It's were hate rises. But being a Freshman and sophomore Is the worst thing possible because Freshman and sophomore girls get to be slaves for the guys and do anything they want. I mean anything. It's not fair at all exposing girls like this but what you gonna do?


16. I'm sorry!

*Ashely's p.o.v*

I haven't been more confused then right now. I was kissing Niall! NIALL! As I. Was kissing him I heard a gruff and a door slam. I pulled away fast than ever before. I looked at Niall with wide eyes. He had the same expression and we bolted up. I pushed Niall down and said "it would be better if you stay here" he nodded and sat back down. I went to me and Zayn's room just to find it locked. Great (note sarcasm)! I knocked but all I heard was a sniffle and a groan. "Zayn it's me please open up". I said. He unlocked the door then sat back down. My heart broke when I saw him. His eyes were bloodshot and his hair was all over the place. "Zayn are you ok?" I asked. I know it was a stupid question but still. "Oh yea I'm fine I just saw the girl that I love kiss another guy. On top of her finding out what I do for a living. Yea I'm fine." He said shrugging. My heart was caught in my throat. Did I hear him correctly?! Did he say he loved me?! "Y-you l-love m-me?!" I stuttered out. He nodded looking down. "Shocking huh. To hear from the one that makes you cry and hides secrets from you that he loves you" he said looking at me. His eyes that hold so much emotion. Love, sadness, and mostly hurt. "I'm sorry" I said not really knowing why I just felt like I need to apologize to him. "What are you sorry about. You don't have to sell drugs everyday or get beat up every time you don't give someone all the money. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO BE SORRY ABOUT BECAUSE YOUR NOT A FUCKING SCREW UP." He said to me yelling the last part. I stood there shocked that he called himself a screw up. I just realized that I cause everyone hurt. I hurt Niall by being with Zayn. I hurt Zayn by kissing Niall. I also hurt Harry because if I was never here he wouldn't have a child on the way by me. I also think Harry loves me too. I started to cry and walked to the bathroom. Zayn's not the screw up I am. I hurt 3 people I are care most about. I locked the bathroom door and slid down the door. Zayn's not the screw up I am. Those words repeated in my head while being in the bathroom full if shavers. That thought crossed my mind but I pushed it away. This time when that thought came I didn't push it away. My body moved to a shaver and before I could think I took it and started to break to it to get the blade out. I succeed in get the blade out. I looked in the mirror and the only thing running threw my mind was Zayn's not the screw up I am while inflicting the blade on my skin and cutting deep. 


A/N: hi guys hope you like this chappie comment what you think. The question of this chappie is why did she think that was a way to go? Comment and like. Bye guys -Bubbles(2nd author)

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