His Slave

It's High school. It's were hate rises. But being a Freshman and sophomore Is the worst thing possible because Freshman and sophomore girls get to be slaves for the guys and do anything they want. I mean anything. It's not fair at all exposing girls like this but what you gonna do?


18. I wish that was me

*Harry's p.o.v.*

I woke to this awful ass headache. I sat up real slowly so my headache could subside a bit but it didn't it just got worse. This is some bull crap! Why did I choose to drink shots! I always choose shots. I will never learn. I got up from my bed and went to the bathroom to get some advil for my headache. As I got the pills I saw something shiny behind razors. I moved the razors over to find a blade. Me, being curious, I reached for it and saw blood on it. A million thoughts came to my head but one stood out the most. Who and why? I put it back and put the razors on top of it so it look like I didn't touch it. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water to go with my pills. I put the pills in first then the water and I swish them around in my mouth then swallowed. Zayn and Ashely came in the kitchen. "Good morning" They both said. "Mornin'" I said to them. I couldn't help but feel jealous of Zayn. Ashely is gorgeous but she's with Zayn. I wish I was Zayn. I want to cuddle with her, kiss her, even have bab- oh wait I already am having a baby by her. I totally forgot. I walked out of the kitchen and to my room. I wish that was me.

*Niall's p.o.v.*

I was in the living laying down on the couch. I don't even want to move right about now. My head is killing me. Everything from last night is foggy and blurry. When I woke up I saw Ashely but she kinda gave me the cold shoulder. I don't know why since I don't remember anything. I was gonna ask her but then I saw the couch so I got comfortable. And that's how I ended up on the couch laying down. I didn't even want to get up for asprin for my headache that's how comfortable I am. I saw Zayn come out the kitchen with Ashely. Zayn waved but Ashely didn't even glance my way. I have to ask her what happened that she's giving me the cold shoulder. Then a thought came to my mind. I wish that was me. Zayn gets to do anything with her if she's ok with it. He gets to kiss her. Take her on dates if she says yes. They get to cuddle and have little cute moments together. I wish that was me. I want to be her prince and not Zayn. I want to do those things with her. I love her and she knows that. She even kissed me. I just wish she can be mines and have children with her. But no Zayn is what she wants and Harry already got her pregnant but what did get? Nothing. Nothing at all. Oh how I wish I was the one she came to and cuddled with. I wish that was me  I wish I was Zayn. Oh how I wish that was me.


A/N: Hi guys hope you like this chapter. They are stuck in a rectangle since its 4 of them. Don't judge me. Question: If you were in this situation who would you chose out of Zayn, Harry, and Niall? Comment your thoughts and answers. Bye for now! -Bubbles

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